Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Review

Are you looking for a robot vacuum to help you keep your floors clean? If so, the Xiaomi robot vac is one of the best choices when it comes to simple operation and maintenance.

This compact machine is ideal for people who don’t feel like cleaning their floors as often as they should. It’s an excellent solution for busy people and messy floors that need some help in between two cleaning sessions.

Xiaomi makes premium lifestyle products, and its robot vacuum is just one of them that can save you time. As a result, you get clean floors with minimal effort.

Take a moment to read about this robot as we offer you a detailed review of all its features and specifications. The info below can help you figure out if this compact and convenient vacuum is the right choice for your needs.

This Vacuum Is For:

  • If your floors get messy – sometimes, using your full-size vac isn’t the most convenient option, especially if you’re tight on time. Xiaomi robot vacuum is one of the best solutions to keep the mess at bay.
  • If you don’t have as much time – vacuuming takes time, so wouldn’t it be great if someone did it for you? This robot cleans and recharges on its own and with minimal assistance on your part.
  • If you’re allergy-prone – this little machine comes equipped with a HEPA filter that traps even the tiniest particles and allergens.

This Vacuum Isn’t For:

  • If you need a quiet vac – although it’s as small, this robot is relatively loud. It sounds as loud as full-size vacuums, which might be a problem for some people since it’s supposed to work for a more extended period.
  • If you have stairs – sadly, this one doesn’t have any virtual walls option. Due to this drawback, it can fall down the stairs and other such obstacles.
  • If you have high-pile carpets – this one can get stuck in high-pile carpets, so it’ll need your help to get out.


It’s important to note its synchronous sweeping and mopping system. It’s designed to increase efficiency, picking up even the most persistent dirt and mopping afterward. As such, the vac provides a thorough clean.

Another thing worth mentioning is its smart technology. It allows scheduling, smart mapping, and crossing over lower obstacles. It cleans without omission and has the ability to self-recharge.

It has lasers that help the vac avoid obstacles, although you should be careful if you’re handling it around the stairs area.


At this moment, the vacuum only comes in white, but the entire design is quite stylish and modern. It’s circular and small enough to get under most of your furniture.

It features a rubber ring so that it doesn’t damage your furniture and walls if it bumps into it. It’s designed to gently bump into walls and furniture thanks to its sensors that can sense when an object is near.

It has two wheels that help it move around and transition from one floor surface to another with ease.

If you need a compact, convenient robot that will get to all the hard-to-reach areas, make sure to check out this Xiaomi robot vacuum.

Size & Dimensions

As we mentioned, this one is quite small and compact. It won’t get in your way, so you can use it when you’re at home as well as away. It measures 13.5 inches in diameter, and it’s about 3.8 inches tall.

It’s small enough to get to all the hard-to-reach areas your full-size vac cannot get to. Plus, since it weighs only around 8.4 pounds, you won’t have any problems picking it up when need be.


Its suction power comes from the efficient Nidec brushless motor. It sports powerful suction, so it’s suitable for most types of messes and dirt.

This Xiaomi robot is set to standard mode, but you can use the Mi Home app to change it to quiet, max, or turbo whenever you like.

There’s also a spot cleaning suction mode that’s useful for those areas with more dirt like around your cat’s litter box or in the kitchen.

Accessories & Parts

The vac has one side brush that directs dirt to the suction inlet. On the bottom, it features a spinning brush and a rolling brush. These two sweep the debris from the floor and into the vac.

Other than that, this one doesn’t have any additional accessories. It’s pretty basic when it comes to attachments and items included in the package.

What you get is a user manual, the charging dock, an adapter, and a plastic brush for cleaning the tangled hair.


This one comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The warranty covers damage caused by faulty materials and manufacturing. It doesn’t include any damage caused by neglect, misuse, normal wear and tear, weather impact, and other such things.


When it comes to cleaning different floors, you should know that Xiaomi robot isn’t meant for all carpet and hardwood types. It’s a versatile vac, so it picks up most messes from various floors, but some carpets are a bit challenging and should be avoided.


The vac does a relatively good job on low-pile carpets and area rugs. Its brushes go deep into the rugs, picking up even the most embedded dirt and dust.

However, as we mentioned, this one can’t operate in plush, high-pile rugs. Its brushes and wheels tend to get stuck in the long fibers.

If this happens, you’ll have to help the vac out, which might even damage your carpet’s fibers.


It does a far better job on hardwood, especially if you’re using both the sweeping and mopping modes. However, we would only recommend mopping on sealed floors, to be sure that it doesn’t damage the more delicate types of surfaces.

Still, it’s efficient in picking up hair, dust, sand, kibble, cereal, and other such things from different hard floors.


As we mentioned, this one doesn’t have virtual walls, which might cause it to fall from the stairs. On the other hand, it has lasers that help it avoid bumping into walls and furniture.

It also has height adjustment, which helps the vac transition from carpet to hardwood and the other way around.


Xiaomi is relatively easy to empty and clean, which is the only maintenance you’ll have to do. Emptying its canister takes less than a minute.

You’ll have to wash its filters, but keep in mind that they have to be completely dry before you can use them again. Unless you let the filter dry, the machine will show an error and won’t run.


Xiaomi is one of the loudest robot vacuums, and although the sound is bearable, it’s something you should prepare yourself for.

It’s unlikely that it will disturb your household, but it might scare your pets. Also, if you run the vac while at home, it might take you a while to get used to its noise level.

Battery (Charge Time)

This is a cordless vac with an impressive battery life and is one of the longest-running robots on the market. It can clean for up to 2.5 hours, depending on the suction mode you’re using.

On top of that, it takes only an hour to recharge. It’s a smart vac, so it senses when the battery is low, immediately returning to its charging dock.


This one features a HEPA filter, which you’ll have to replace at some point. It does come with an extra filter, so you don’t have to buy another one for some time.

The great thing is that these are washable, so you can use them for an extended period. As we mentioned, make sure to wash them with clean water and allowing them to fully dry.

Is the Xiaomi Robot For You?

This one is designed for busy people who want to maintain their floors looking clean and neat at all times. It’s an easy-to-use vacuum that will make all the difference in how you feel about floor maintenance.

While it does have some minor drawbacks, the vac is super-convenient and practical, especially once you get used to the sound of it working in the background.

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