Tineco Pure One S12 Review

Do you remember your first vacuum cleaner? It was probably bulky and heavy like much of the older models. Luckily, the technologies evolved, and we now have slim, compact, and convenient vacuums like the Tineco Pure One S12 offering auto mode.

It’s easy to use and store away, which makes it among the best vacuum for apartments. Still, there’s more to it than just its slim design.

The innovative technologies featured in this unit make vacuuming easier than before. Take a moment to read our review where we discussed the most stand-out features and impressive specs that could help you figure out if this is the right vac for you.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you have hardwood – though the S12 does a relatively good job on hardwood, you won’t be as impressed if these are the dominant floors in your house.
  • If you’re on a budget – budget varies from person to person, still Tineco Pure One S12 is considered to be on a pricey side considering the average price for a vacuum.
  • If you’re allergy-prone – though this one picks up even the smallest pieces of dust and dirt, it’s a bit tricky to empty.


Tineco Pure One S12 features smart sensors allowing intelligent suction. In other words, it automatically adjusts suction depending on the floor surface and level. You can still adjust it manually by a sliding control on the vac.

Another useful feature of the S12 is its Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows this cordless vacuum to show battery life, cleaning performance, filter maintenance, and other information directly from your smartphone.

Its LED display is located on the in-hand part of the unit. It shows the details of the cleaning cycle and several other performance specifications.


Tineco Pure One S12 is a cordless stick that converts into a handheld as well. It features a cleaning head, the wand, and the in-hand motor and dust bin.

All the parts connect and disconnect easily allowing you to use the vac in different ways. While you can use the S12 as a stick, you can also convert it into a portable handheld unit.

Its handy commands are easy to use and within reach while the LED display adds to the overall convenience.

Size & Dimensions

As a stick, Tineco Pure One S12 is slim and compact. It’s lightweight at only 6.6 pounds and is quite easy to use and store away.

Its weight makes it ideal for longer cleaning sessions since it’s not as difficult to maneuver with. It measures 10x6x47 inches in total.

Because it’s as compact, you can fit it under and behind furniture and different obstacles. On top of that, the unit comes with a charger that works as a wall mount, making storing even easier.


The Tineco Pure One S12 sports 150W providing continuous and fade-free suction power. As we mentioned, it comes with smart sensors and suction that adjusts automatically.

As such, this smart vacuum is suitable for the finest dust as well as some larger debris. Its suction is strong enough to pull out the most embedded dirt from your carpets and furniture.

Accessories & Parts

Tineco Pure One S12 is a standard version of the vacuum, but it comes with all the same accessories as the other models. Here’s what’s in the box apart from the extension tool, main body, and wall mount:

  • Direct-drive cleaning head
  • Mini power brush
  • Pre-filter cleaning tool
  • Dusting brush crevice tool
  • Small cleaning tool
  • Flexible crevice tool
  • Combination tool
  • Soft dusting brush


Tineco offers a 2-year limited warranty for its Pure One S12 vacuum. It’s somewhat a standard period that most manufacturers opt for nowadays.

Limited warranty means that the manufacturer covers damages caused by mistakes in manufacturing. It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse.


If you have combined floors, it’s normal you want a vacuum that can perform well on all of them. Still, finding such a unit is a bit more complicated than it sounds. While the Tineco Pure One S12 does a good job on all surfaces, it’s still more suitable for carpets than bare floors.


Its strong suction and adjustability allow you to clean both deep-pile and low-pile carpets. The S12 pulls even the most embedded dirt and debris, which is especially important if you have pets.

Strong suction is desirable, but too much of it can be a problem for some rugs. As you move from thicker carpets to area rugs, the vacuum adjusts its suction power to match the density of your carpet. As a result, there’s no more pulling or pushing the rugs around.


Cleaning hardwood and other bare floors isn’t as hard because the surfaces are usually flat and smooth. The Tineco Pure One S12 has enough power to tackle different dirt and debris that accumulate on these floors over time.

It’s important to note that the tools it comes with are gentle and won’t damage the delicate hardwood surface. However, people report that the vac struggles to pick up some larger pieces like cereal or kitty litter, and instead, it tends to push them around.


This one is lightweight and compact, so it’s generally easy to maneuver with. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you probably won’t struggle cleaning around and underneath your furniture, stairs and other such areas and obstacles.

Plus, plenty of its tools make the use even easier. For example, the unit comes with two crevice tools, one of which is quite flexible and allows better maneuverability.


Maintenance is simple, and there’s nothing too complicated you’d have to do to keep the vac running. All you should do is empty its bin regularly, and maybe even give it a thorough clean now and then.

You’ll have to clean the filters as well, but that’s at least every six months. Washing the filter is simple, but be careful if you’re allergy-prone, and consider maybe asking someone else do it for you.

Is noise something you’re generally concerned with when it comes to vacuum cleaners? Worry not – Tineco offers Smart Noise Optimization with this S12 model.


The S12 has Tineco’s innovative Smart Noise Optimization allowing quieter operation.

The noise is controlled to as low as 71dB(A) which won’t disturb your neighbors or anyone in your household. Of course, you can still hear the vac, but compared to how loud these machines used to be, you’ll be pretty impressed.

Battery (Charge Time)

Its Smart Battery Management allows longer run time of the battery of up to 100 minutes depending on the mode you use, one of them being the auto mode.

It comes with two detachable, dual-charging 2500mAh li-ion batteries you can charge simultaneously. It charges on a wall-mount dock and has a LED display showing remaining battery life.

Cordless or Cord?

Tineco Pure One S12 is a cordless vacuum, and battery-operated. It comes with two batteries offering up to 100 minutes of runtime, so you probably won’t miss having a cord. Plus, you won’t have to think about changing sockets or storing the cable. Its two batteries charge simultaneously meaning you can always have one ready to go.

Bag or Bagless?

This smart vacuum is bagless and comes with a canister that’s located right under the handle. It’s an average dust cup you won’t have to empty as often during a single cleaning session. However, this depends on how regularly you clean and how dirty the floors are.


It comes with two-pre filters and a single main filter for excellent cleaning. Thanks to such a system, the unit expels only clean air back into your breathing space.

On top of that, you get a powered pre-filter cleaning tool for maintenance.


Pet owners usually always struggle with hair and different dirt their pets bring in the house. For this reason, they need powerful units and specialized tools to maintain their floors clean.

Kitty Litter

Tineco Pure One S12 does a good job at picking up both small and large pieces of kitty litter, but only from carpets. Its suction is powerful enough, but if the litter is on bare floors, you might struggle to pick it up since the unit tends to push it around.

Pet Hair

If pet hair is what you struggle with, you should consider trying the Tineco Pure One S12 as it’s powerful and convertible. And if this also gets on your furniture as well, a convertible vacuum cleaner for pet hair might be a good choice. Plus, its powerful suction pulls both long and short hairs out.

Additional Options/Information

The vacuum connects to the Tineco App, allowing you to monitor its cleaning performance and receive reminders. This helps keep track of your cleaning while it also offers troubleshooting and support issues. In addition, you’ll love its innovative auto mode.

Is The Tineco Pure One S12 For You?

Tineco Pure One S12 is an advanced vacuum cleaner with modern and innovative features available through the Tineco app. It’s packed with new technologies, as well as convenient accessories such as the soft dusting brush and the crevice tool that help make cleaning easier than ever.

Add its compact and lightweight design, and you’ll have a convenient and versatile unit. As such, it’s among the best choices for maintaining combined floors with or without pets.

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