Shark IonFlex DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Review

If you’re searching the market for a new vacuum cleaner, you might want to consider Shark Ionflex DuoClean cordless vacuum. It’s among the most impressive products on the market thanks to its unique design and innovative technology.

It’s the right choice if you what you own is a big and bulky vacuum cleaner. Those are often hard to operate with especially if you just want to pick up some debris here and there.

Shark carries the most popular vacuums in the industry. A large number of pleased customers speaks of the quality of their products, so you should know to expect only the best. Continue reading this review to find out more.

This Vacuum is For You:

  • If you want supreme maneuverability – this cordless Shark Ionflex vacuum comes with a flexible wand that allows you to reach under and behind furniture with ease.
  • If you want a long-lasting unit – it’s made of quality materials and the best components Shark offers. On top of that, its battery is replaceable in case it breaks.
  • If the warranty is important to you – Shark Ion DuoClean comes with a five-year warranty deal that covers parts, craftsmanship, etc. As always, it covers no damage caused by misuse.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you have a large home – it’s easy to use for an extended period, but its rather small dust cup isn’t as suitable for larger areas. More so, if you have pets, it might annoy you to empty the cup as frequently.
  • If you want quick charging – though cordless products tend to take a while to recharge, the time required might vary. In the case of the Shark Ion DuoClean, that time is about 3.5 hours.


This cordless Shark Ionflex vacuum is an all-around appliance that offers floor-to-ceiling cleaning. It’s easy to use thanks to the several features it comes with.

It transitions from one type of floor to another with ease and without your assistance. It also features MultiFLEX technology that allows more comfortable use throughout your entire house. It helps with cleaning around different obstacles, furniture, etc.

On top of that, it also comes with Shark’s well-known DuoClean technology allowing you to clean different floor surfaces, including hard floors.


This is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, but it’s designed to be quite different than other such products. While stick vacs usually cannot stand on their own, this one can. You can park it anywhere, and it will stand without your assistance thanks to the balanced design.

It’s designed with MultiFLEX technology that lets you bend the wand to access different hard-to-reach areas easily. This also helps with storage since you can fold the vacuum into a compact shape.

Size & Dimensions

Shark IonFlex DuoClean is quite compact, slim, and lightweight. As such, the vacuum is easy to use and just as simple to store away even if you don’t have lots of storage space.

It measures 13.4×10.4×45.9 inches in total while weighing approximately 3.8 pounds. These measurements are somewhat expected since Shark is well known for making compact and slim stick products. The IonFlex DuoClean even folds, so it’s much easier to store than previous products.


It offers two suction settings, allowing you to pick based on how dirty your flooring is. If there’s a concentrated area where your pet maybe made a mess, you want to use Max mode. It offers supreme suction though it does shorten the overall runtime of its battery.

In most cases, you won’t have to use Max mode that shortens the battery time, since the other setting offers quite powerful suction as well. It’s enough to tackle different dirt, dust, debris, pet hair, etc.

Accessories & Parts

This battery-operated model comes with a MultiTool for combined floors so that you can use the vacuum on both hard floors and carpets. The package also includes the Pet MultiTool, crevice tool,  dusting brush, and the angled Anti-Allergen Dust Brush.

The Pet MultiTool and Anti-Allergen brush are ideal for allergy-prone people who own pets and require frequent vacuuming. Both tools are easy to use and attach to the cleaner. The crevice tool is especially useful in this case as it allows you to get to all the hard-to-reach areas.


IonFlex DuoClean comes with a five-year warranty deal that covers non-wearable components deemed defective.

Still, it doesn’t cover normal wear and tear parts such as filters, pads, etc. The manufacturer won’t cover a vacuum that’s been tampered with, damaged caused by misuse, incidental damage, etc.


Shark IonFlex DuoClean is ideal for all floor types and surfaces. It performs equally as well on hard floors as it does on carpets. In most cases, its performance depends on the type and amount of dirt it has to deal with.

Its deep-cleaning bristle brush is meant for all floor types.


Much like all Shark units, this one performs very well on carpets and area rugs. Typically, it might not do as well on super-dense carpets, but even then, it depends on what you’re trying to vacuum.

If you have a dense carpet filled with pet hair, IonFlex DuoClean might not be able to clean it all in just one try. You’ll probably have to go back and repeat the process.

Area rugs and thinner carpets are simple to clean using this brush.


The brush has soft bristles that are gentle to your bare floors. As such, they’re equally as suitable for hardwood as they are for tiles.

The gentle bristles pick up pet hair, dust, debris, and even the tiniest allergens. On top of that, the cleaner adjusts to different floors, so you can go from an area rug to floor with ease and in no time.


As we mentioned, this one is quite simple to work with. It has a folding wand that bends for easier reaching under furniture.

Also, it’s quite lightweight, so you won’t have a problem steering and operating it throughout your home. The vacuum cleaner pulls itself forward though, so you might struggle with pulling it back towards you depending on the surface you’re cleaning.

When it comes to maintaining your Shark IonFlex DuoClean, you won’t have to invest too much time and effort, as it comes with filters and pads that are easily washed. What’s more, the brush isn’t prone to clogging.


When it comes to maintenance, Shark IonFlex doesn’t require lots of work. It comes with washable filters and pads that require regular maintenance, but even that isn’t something you’ll have to do often.

Its brush and other components don’t usually get clogged, but if something like that happens, simply remove the blockage.


It’s important to note that this is among the quietest Shark units. It doesn’t produce any excessive noise and stays quiet even when you’re using Max mode for enhanced suction. Though you’ll still be able to hear it, the sound won’t disturb your household, pets, or neighbors.

Battery (Charge Time)

This one comes with two rechargeable batteries, and a good thing to know is that they’re replaceable. If they ever break, you can just purchase a new battery without buying an entirely new unit.

It takes about 3.5 hours for the vacuum to recharge and it’s advised you do so after each use. You also get a separate charging dock, allowing you to charge one lithium-ion battery while using the other.

Cordless or Cord?

IonFlex DuoClean is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that’s battery operated and doesn’t require power sockets. While a cordless vacuum offers limited operation, it’s easier to store away and work with without thinking about constantly re-plugging it.

Bag or Bagless?

It’s a bagless unit that comes with a transparent dust cup. Its capacity is at about 0.3 quarts, and because it’s transparent, you can easily see when it’s time to empty it.

This isn’t the biggest cup and depending on the size of your house, you’ll maybe have to empty it once or twice during the process. Still, emptying is easy and doesn’t require you to come into contact with its dirty contents.


The vacuum comes with three filters; all positioned differently to clean the air that’s exhausted back into your room. You can wash them all by hand, using nothing else but water.

Make sure to allow the filters some 24h of drying before putting them back into the unit and using them.


Much like all Shark units, this one is quite suitable for pet owners. This battery-operated model has enough suction power and adequate tools to make such tasks easier than ever.

Kitty Litter

For larger pieces of kitty litter, you’ll maybe have to use Max mode. More so, if the litter is on a carpet or other such area, you’ll have to work a bit harder to get it out. If it’s on an area rug or a bare floor, you can use regular suction mode.

Pet Hair

The unit comes with a specialized Pet MultiTool designed specially to vacuum pet hair. In most cases, it performs equally as well on all floor types, though some dense rugs might be trickier to clean. Its performance depends mostly on the kind of hair as well, since shorter hairs are harder to suck in than the longer ones.

Is The Shark IonFlex Duoclean Cordless Vacuum For You?

If you’re looking for a maneuverable and simple vacuum to use throughout your house, you should try this one. It’s powerful, has two batteries, and is easy to use in hard-to-reach areas.

To this day, Shark IonFlex DuoClean is among the brand’s most popular and best-selling appliances, so make sure to give it a chance if you’re after an all-around vacuum cleaner.

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