The iRobot Roomba 880 vs. 805 Comparison Guide – Updated For 2020

Our next comparison, the Roomba 805 vs. 880, two popular vacuums by iRobot that share similar features. As we know, iRobot and their Roomba vacuums have been widely popular over the years.

Their 805 and 880 models are the most popular robotic vacuums and often compared. Because they come from a trustworthy brand, these vacuums are almost always the first choice.

Both cleaners come from an 800s series of robots, with 805 appearing much earlier than 880. Because the Roomba 880 is a later generation, it features more advanced technologies and has none of the errors that appeared in the previous models.

Though these are somewhat different, they both have their place on the market usually placed pretty high. These are the top choices for people who want an efficient and convenient device that does all the work for them.

Continue reading to learn all about what makes them different which will help you decide on the one that’s better for you.

Differences between the Roomba 805 and the 880

Hepa Filters

Roomba 880 comes with a HEPA filter which makes the vacuum suitable for allergy prone people and everyone else who has pets or kids crawling on the floor. The filter collects about 99.7% of small particles and traps it all inside so it doesn’t recalculate back into the air.

The 805 model doesn’t feature a HEPA filter. Though it still does a fantastic job, it just can’t perform as well, which is why the 880 takes the victory here. Thanks to its filtration, the 880 vacuum is more efficient and far better if you have pets and kids inside your house.

Remote control

Though you would hardly ever have to assist the robot, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it from the comfort of your couch? Well, Roomba 880 allows you just that since it comes with remote control. It’s another practical benefit of the cleaner that the 805 model lacks.

The remote allows you to maneuver the robot, change settings, start and shut off the machine and much more. It’s a nice touch to the overall cleaning experience making everything far more convenient and easy to do.

Smart Cleaning

Roomba 805 detects obstacles and walls and slows down when near them. This prevents the machine from damaging furniture or walls while in motion. It also automatically adjusts to clean tiles, hardwood floors and carpet.

The 880 allows you to schedule cleaning up to 7 times per week. If that doesn’t mean to you, simply press clean on the robot. The machine docks and recharges automatically. It avoids all the stairs and adjusts to carpets, hardwood, tile, laminate, and all other floor types. The cleaner also has two dual-mode virtual wall barriers to manage where it would clean.


Like every other vacuum cleaner, these also make some noise. However, the difference is that these don’t make nearly as big of noise as other, more standard vacuums.

There is some noise as the vacuums can’t be completely quiet. Still, the noise level is quite average, and it won’t in any way disturb you. You can easily watch TV with Roomba at your feet, or you can even take a nap.

Both models have similar noise level, so there’s not much difference here. Each is relatively quiet, which just adds to the overall quality and convenience of these robots.


The 880 one has 2x higher battery life and about 5x more energy than all the Roomba series before. It has a quicker charging time, longer battery life, and significantly lower self-discharge.

Both models are quite powerful, and if you used to own a more standard vacuum, you’d quickly notice a difference in how clean your floors are. However, the 880 is notably more powerful than the 805 due to its battery.

Still, even the 805 one does a better job than most standard cleaners on top of being more convenient. Both models deliver powerful performance on all kinds of carpets and floors.

Battery Type

The type of battery that your vacuum comes with is probably the most important factor to consider before buying. Many things depend on it, the performance and quality of cleaning possibly being the two most crucial.

The 805 cleaner has a battery cycle lifetime up to 3x higher than its previous models. It comes with a lithium-ion battery that’s one of the most reliable and efficient batteries used in home appliances. The 880 features the XLife extended life battery.

Both of these batteries add to the overall practicality of each vacuum providing longer life and more effective work.


Robot vacuum has to be small enough to fit under and behind all your furniture. However, it also has to be big enough to be able to vacuum faster and cover larger areas.

Luckily, both 805 and 880 are just the right size with minimal differences. Both easily fit in tight areas and are able to clean even the smallest corners of your home.

The 805 measures 18.2 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches in total while the 880 is 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches. As you can see, the 880 is 6 in. smaller than the older model meaning it’s more compact and practical.


Roomba is well-known for the quality and performance of all its robots. When it comes to the 805 and 880 models, it’s safe to say they don’t lack any of the high quality and supreme performance.

Each model does a great job at cleaning as they vacuum even the tiniest dust and debris from all kinds of floors. Apart from the quality of performance, these are also easy to use. As you can tell, you’d hardly ever have to assist either one of these since they do all the work on their own.

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