The iRobot Roomba 860 vs. 805 Vacuum – What’s Better For 2020?

If you’re looking for a new vacuum, you’ve probably noticed how robot models are the most popular at the moment. Precisely, Roomba 805 and 860 might be the best-selling these days.

People love them for many reasons, but practicality is probably the biggest. These are automatically operated and require no interference on your part. It’s convenient for many reasons especially if you don’t have much time to dedicate to regular cleaning of all your floors.

Which one of the two should you get? iRobot 805 and 860 have several similarities being that they’re from the same brand, but they also have a few crucial differences. Both feature innovative and cutting-edge technologies that provide better results with ease.

Continue reading as we discuss which one is better, the Roomba 805 vs the 860? We’ll look into their similarities and differences that can help you make a decision on which one is the best for you.


Both Roomba models have iAdapt Navigation technology with advanced software and sensors. These allow them to vacuum with more preciseness being able to reach some seemingly unreachable areas.

Another similarity is the tangle-free extractor. It’s a dual extractor that’s crucial for picking up and breaking down the dirt, dust, and debris. This also makes both units ideal for the persistent dirt that’s deep in the carpets.

Both units also use a lithium-ion battery. They’re cordless for better maneuverability, while this type of battery allows longer battery life. It also offers low self-discharge and quicker charging time.

You can assign them with a fixed schedule for days in advance. This means both models can actually work while you’re at work or sleeping. It’s ideal if you’re often traveling as you can set up your vacuum to clean while you’re away.

Comparison Guide


Both feature the well-known circular shape such as all the Roomba models. The Roomba 805 comes only in black. It weighs about 8.4 pounds which is pretty lightweight for a vacuum cleaner. Its overall dimensions are 18.2×16.5×5.5 inches.

Roomba 860 comes in silver color looking elegant and sleek. It’s somewhat smaller than the 805 model measuring 13.9×13.9×3.6 inches. Its design and appearance are more eye-catching than the solid black of the 805. This one is a bit lighter in weight at 8 pounds, but the difference is so little you won’t even be able to notice it.


Most people opt for these because they’re unlike regular vacuums in terms of noise they make. A Roomba robot rarely ever makes any noise which means you can let it work overnight while you and your family are asleep.

The noise the 805 and 860 robots produce is at an average level. Average means you’ll be able to hear them work, but not so that it disturbs you in any way.

This is especially useful if you have babies or anyone else who can’t stand the noise regular vacuums always make.


Their 805 unit has an average power that allows it to handle some simple cleaning. Small messes, dust, and dirt are what this vacuum tackles the best.

The 860 model has 5x more power than previous iRobot cleaners. It gets those smallest pieces of dust that are stuck deep into carpets and invisible to your eyes.

Their power combined with the innovative technology and efficient brushes make these two ideal for all kinds of floorings. Both are also great for cleaning pet hair off of different floors.

Battery Life

Both 805 and 860 have the same battery that provides them with up to 60 minutes of run time. They sense when the battery is about to run out and return to their docking stations.

Still, the battery life of each depends on many things. Different features and technologies can drain the battery when in use, so keep that in mind as well.

Smart Cleaning Feature

These two units feature some impressive cleaning capabilities. The 860 has iAdapt Responsive technology that helps it navigate through your house. You can also set it to avoid clutter or some areas you don’t want to vacuum. There’s also the 3-stage cleaning system that combines brushing, suction, and agitation.

The 805 unit features Dirt Detect technology with sensors that spot areas with concentrated dirt. It also has the 3-stage cleaning system plus the two dual-mode virtual walls. This allows the vacuum to avoid certain areas, stairs, and clutter. Its sensors enable the cleaner to know what to clean and what to stay away from.

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Ease of Use

Both 860 and 805 Roomba models are simple to use and clean.

Their controls are easily reachable, and they have technologies and sensors to guide them. All you’ll ever have to do is set a schedule for your robot and determine which areas it has to avoid. Only one thing is manual with these, and it’s emptying the dustbin.

Each model has a somewhat small bin since the units aren’t that big themselves. This means you’ll have to empty the canister after each use.


The 860 has a highly recommended HEPA filter. This is ideal for people prone to allergies as it traps all particles of 0.3 microns in size. It keeps air fresh and clean as all the dust gets into the vacuum and stays in there.

The 805 comes with an AeroForce high-efficiency filter. It captures 99% of allergens and dust the size of 10 microns.

If you want to learn more about vacuum filters then visit here.


We tend to overlook warranty though it’s among the crucial factors to consider. iRobot has always included solid warranty deals for their units as it’s the case with the 805 and 860.

Both models come with 1-year warranties from the manufacturer. However, the warranty is very limited in both cases, so you’ll have to be extra careful not to void it in any way.

If the machine stops working or you notice any fault, the best is to contact the manufacturer before you do anything on your own. Using replacements parts that aren’t authentic iRobot parts will void the warranty.

Final Thoughts

These modern and innovative robot vacuums can change your daily life. No more tedious vacuuming with bulky units that are hard to maneuver with.

The Roomba 860 is slightly more powerful and thus more suitable for areas with concentrated dirt. It’s ideal for pet hairs and has a HEPA filter.

The Roomba 805 is a bit larger which has its pros and cons. It has a wider cleaning path, but it’s also a bit heavier than the 860 one.

Overall, both units make a wise investment for people who are often busy and on the go. These offer exceptional convenience and suction power while doing all the work with minimal human interference.

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