iRobot Roomba 761 vs 620 – Which is Better?

There’s rarely a person that likes vacuuming, and if you’re one of them, the iRobot Roomba is for you. The company offers a wide range of different robots, so it’s up to you to choose one. If you want something effective but affordable, the 620 and 761 might be the best to consider.

These robotic machines are powerful, compact and programmed to do your work, so you don’t have to. Thought most models look the same, other important differences set them all apart from one another.

Picking just one isn’t as simple as it appears because the 620 and 761 operate similarly. However, they have a different set of features and specifications that we’ll show you in the article below.

If you want a quality Roomba, consider one of these. Continue reading to see which one (620 vs 721) suits you the best as we compare their similarities and differences.

Roomba 620 vs. 761 Comparison


The design is maybe the first thing that helps us tell these two apart. The main difference is in color as the 761 comes only gray and the 620 comes in gray, white and black combo. The 761 is more striking in this case since the gray looks really polished and modern.

Both these vacuum cleaners have a ‘clean’ button on top. The 620 has two buttons around the ‘start’ one, while the 761 has four buttons at the bottom. Other than that, both are rounded though one is slightly larger than the other as you’ll notice below.


The difference in weight exists though it’s not big. The Roomba 761 weighs 14.6 lbs while the 620 weighs somewhat less at 12.8 lbs in total. This does affect portability a bit as one is more lightweight than the other though the difference is so small. Carrying them around isn’t a problem though you won’t often need to do that.


The 620 is not only more lightweight, but it’s also smaller. It measures 17.7×16.9×4.7 inches while the 761 measures 26.3x20x6.1 inches. The difference is clean and noticeable at first glance. It affects many things such as general footprint and how much surface the vacuum covers on a single pass.


Though the 761 is heavier and larger in size, you won’t have a problem lifting it. Roombas go under furniture and other unreachable areas with ease so you won’t have to carry it as often. Both are considered some of the most lightweight vacuums on the market, too.

These two have iAdapt Responsive Navigation technology that helps vacuums go about your home and adapt with ease.

Also, each of the robots can recharge automatically. Both know when they’re about to run out of battery life, so they return to their charging docks.

If you do find yourself in need to carry it in hands, you’ll find it easy to do. Though none features a handle of some sort, you can simply pick them up and carry wherever you want.



The 620 is significantly improved compared to those in the 500 series when it comes to power and performance. However, the 761 one is slightly more powerful than the 620. It’s a minimal difference once again, and in most cases, you won’t be able to notice it.

Both units are effective and equipped with powerful motors that allow them to suck in all the dust, dirt and debris with ease. The 761 one is a bit better with pet hair and more persistent, built up dust in certain areas.

Battery Life

Since these can’t possibly be corded, they need a reliable battery to operate. Roomba improved over the years when it comes to battery, and it seems that all newer models can last longer than the old ones.

The 761 can go for about two hours before it starts looking for its docking system and starts recharging. iRobot 620 can’t go as long, but you’ll still get about an hour of effective cleaning before the unit needs recharging. This one also finds its way back without any assistance on your part.

Obstacle Sensor

Some models can avoid obstacles while others bump into them, turn around and continue to another side. Newest models have a whole set of handy features that help them perform at the highest level.

The 761 has something that the 620 doesn’t, and it’s an obstacle sensor. This little feature is among the most significant differences between the two units. It prevents the machine from bumping into vases, furniture and all kinds of other obstacles. When it approaches anything like that, the unit slows down.


This is another crucial thing to look for in a vacuum cleaner. Without a good filter, the entire unit regardless of its feature is near useless.

Luckily, both the 761 and the 620 have impressive filters that keep all the dust and dirt within the machine. However, the 761 has a HEPA filter which is why it’s a bit more expensive from the two.

HEPA filter is a know champion among filters. Only the best of the best carry them so you can be sure that the 761 won’t disappoint in that regard.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why these two are among the top vacuums on the market. They are lightweight, easy to use and effective on all kinds of carpets. Best of all, the units carry well-known iRobot quality which is also the reason why so many people opt for one or the other.

Which one is better? It’s hard to tell since both have their own pros and cons that set them apart. The slight differences and similarities help us tell them apart.

The 761 is a bit more advanced than the 620. If you want a larger unit that’s also a bit bigger, the 761 is the one to go for especially if you also have pets

Pay special attention to the similarities as well as to all the features that set these two apart. Look into them to see which one of the two is the best for you.

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