Roidmi F8 Cordless Vacuum Review

Have you ever had a stick vacuum? If not, you’ve probably at least heard of these innovative household appliances.

One such model is the Roidmi F8 Storm cordless stick vacuum, also known as the more affordable Dyson V8 alternative. It’s among the most popular models by the brand to this day thanks to its convenience, efficiency, and versatility.

It’s a cordless vac designed to work for years to come. It offers powerful suction, versatility, and long battery life that are always so important with battery-operated units.

Continue reading this review to learn about this impressive vacuum cleaner, how it works, and what it delivers that makes it so popular.

This Vacuum is For You:

  • If you want versatility – this one is a convertible so that you can use it as a handheld as well.
  • If you’re allergy-prone – this one is great for people who suffer from allergies and are sensitive to dust. It has HEPA filtration and efficient suction that picks up even the smallest particles.
  • If you want an easy-to-use unit – the Roidmi F8 Storm is lightweight and quiet, which makes it ideal for most households. It’s suitable for both houses and apartments; more so since it has such long battery life.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you’re cleaning long hairs – the F8 tends to clog with longer hairs, regardless of whether it’s human or pet hair. A way to prevent this from happening is to clean at a slower pace.
  • If you have back pain – though it’s a lightweight unit, people claim its height is somewhat awkward for people who are prone to back pain.
  • If you have thick carpets – much like with longer hair, the vac might get stuck when used on high-pile carpets.


This smart, high-performance vacuum cleaner is efficient and easy to maneuver with thanks to a few of its features. One of the most important things to mention is the filtration system that makes it ideal for allergy-prone people.

It features a digital motor which generates up to 18,5KPa centrifugal air pressure, helping remove different dirt on the floor.

Also, it features a wide variety of different tools and attachments that help its versatility and overall efficiency.


Its 2-in-1 design makes it easy to use in different situations and various floor surfaces. It works as a stick as well as a handheld in case you want to clean some hard-to-reach areas.

At first glance, the Roidmi F8 looks attractive and modern, which is one of the reasons people opt for it. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, the design helps make it more comfortable to use.

Because it’s as slim and compact, it’s ideal for people who usually struggle with storage space.

Size & Dimensions

The F8 is a stick vacuum, so it’s slim by definition. It measures 23.4×13.3×7.3 inches in total while weighing some 3.75 pounds.

The Roidmi F8 is quite lightweight, which allows simple and comfortable use at all times. However, some people noticed that the unit lacks some inches in height. If you’re tall, you might have to bend a bit, which isn’t always the most comfortable position.


The Roidmi F8 vacuum has three suction modes you can choose from, depending on the floor surface. By pressing the power button, you can choose between the standard, medium, and max suction modes.

The three offer different levels of suction, depending on how many times you press the power button, but also require more or less battery power. In other words, you’ll get some 55 minutes of run time in the standard mode, but that time reduces significantly in the max mode.

Accessories & Parts

The Roidmi F8 vacuum comes with a soft roller brush, multi-surface brush roll, mini motorized brush roll, dusting tool, cleaning tool, soft pipe extension, crevice tool, a charger, and a wall mount.

Such a versatile set of accessories and tools makes the unit quite versatile. It helps tackle different kinds of messes and on various types of floors.

The best thing is that most tools are compatible with the handheld version of the unit as well.


Roidmi offers a 30-day return policy allowing you to test the unit and figure out if it’s the right for your needs.

It also offers a one-year limited warranty, covering faults in materials and manufacturing. Keep in mind though that the warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, or unauthorized repair.

Roidmi offers a 30-day return policy allowing you to test the unit and figure out if it’s the right for your needs.

It also offers a one-year limited warranty, covering faults in materials and manufacturing. Keep in mind though that the warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, or unauthorized repair.

If you’re looking for a versatile stick vacuum for your combined floors, Roidmi F8 might be just the right solution for your household.


Having a versatile vacuum is always important if you have combined floor surfaces. If you need a unit that can work equally as effectively on both carpets and bare floors, you should consider the Roidmi F8 vacuum. It has several suction modes and comes with a few tools that make it easier to adapt to different surfaces.


If you have carpets, you should know that the Roidmi F8 vacuum can pick up even the most embedded dirt from different carpets. It does better on low-pile than high-pile carpets, but the results are almost always satisfactory nonetheless.

While you should test all the accessories to see how they perform, we suggest you use the multi-surface tool for carpets. It digs deep into the fibers and is super-efficient in Max mode.


For hard floor and other bare floors, you should use its soft roller tool. The tool is gentle and does an excellent job of picking up all kinds of dirt, dust, hairs, and debris.

The best thing is that it doesn’t damage the delicate floor surface of your tile or hard floor. You should experiment and play with its tools and suction modes until you find what works the best for your bare floors.


Being that it’s as lightweight; the Roidmi F8 vacuum is quite easy to maneuver with using just one hand. On top of that, the vac has a unique ability to turn from stick to handheld in a second, making general use much easier.

You can make sharp turns and also squeeze into tight areas regardless of the floor surface. Plus, the unit can lay flat, which is often quite useful when it comes to cleaning under furniture and other such obstacles.


Maintenance isn’t as complicated but should be done regularly to avoid any further damage to the appliance. Maintaining filters is probably the most critical part because it helps the unit provide the same levels of power and efficiency.

It’s important to note some of its filters can be washed while others have to be replaced. Its motorized tools also require some maintenance, so make sure to detangle them periodically. This is especially important if you have pets.


The Roidmi F8 vacuum provides an average level of noise that resembles traffic noise in most cases. It’s not as loud to disturb your household or neighbors, but it’s definitely a unit you’ll hear working.

It produces 70db on the standard suction mode, which might rise a bit in Max mode.

Battery (Charge Time)

This Roidmi vacuum comes with a high-performance Samsung lithium battery providing up to 55 minutes of run time in standard mode. It allows you to cover some 3800 square feet of space.

In Max mode, the battery lasts approximately ten minutes, which is significantly less in standard mode. However, this mode is so powerful that you’ll probably rarely ever use it. It takes about three hours to recharge.

Cordless or Cord?

The Roidmi F8 Storm is cordless since it features the new and improved Samsung battery. It doesn’t have a cord, so there’s no hassle with storing or maneuvering with it tangling behind.

However, you still have to pay attention to battery life. To avoid having a dead battery in mid-process, make sure to recharge after each use.

Bag or Bagless?

Much like all sticks, the Roidmi F8 Storm comes with a dust bin as opposed to a bag. The bagless design is far more eco-friendly and cost-effective, but it does have some setbacks.

It’s not the best for allergy-prone people since some particles might end up back in your space when you go to empty the 0.4L bin. Nonetheless, emptying is relatively simple.


The F8 comes with a four-level filtration that’s highly efficient in trapping even the tiniest particles. It purifies your air and ensures most dust is safely trapped inside the unit.

Some filters, such as the foam and HEPA ones, require replacement as needed. Others can be washed, but the manufacturer suggests replacement anyway.


Pet hair, dander, and litter are just some of the things your pets might leave on your floors and furniture. Roidmi F8 Storm is quite efficient in dealing with such a mess, depending on the tool you use and the surface you’re cleaning.

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is no match for the F8 regardless of whether you place the box on a hard floor or carpet. The vac does an excellent job of picking up these pieces without even using the Max mode. Keep in mind though that you should only clean the dry litter pieces since wet particles could damage the unit.

Pet Hair

The mini motorized brush roll, the multi-surface tool, and the roller brush are the most efficient accessories when it comes to vacuuming pet hair. Some might be easier to deal with than others, depending on the type of surface you’re cleaning.

Still, no hair is left behind when you use the Max mode.

Is the Roidmi F8 For You?

The Roidmi F8 Storm is worth your attention if what you’re looking for is an easy-to-use vacuum that performs well on all surfaces, and a more affordable version of the Dyson V8.

As we’ve mentioned in this review, it’s a versatile cleaner that comes with a wide range of accessories, three suction modes, easy-to-use dirt bin, and a four-level filtration system. On top of that, it’s cordless and comes with a magnetic wall-mount allowing easier storage.

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