Libman Tornado Twist Mop Review

Have you ever thought about giving your floors a bit more than just classic vacuuming? One of the ways to ramp up your floors is by using a mop after the vacuum cleaner.

Still, using just about any twist mop might create more mess than what you had at the beginning. For this reason, you might want to consider the Libman Tornado twist mop.

It’s a traditional mop with a classic style, delivering sleek and clean results regardless of the type of floor.

Take a minute to read the article below as we share some useful information on how this one works and what makes it as popular.

This Mop is For You:

  • If you want the ease of use – this one is quite easy to use as you’ll notice the first time you test it out. It’s simple to use for spot-cleaning as well as thorough cleaning of all the floors.
  • If you don’t have time for maintenance – being a mop, the Libman Tornado requires virtually no maintenance to keep its peak performance. Some maintenance is needed, though, as we’ll discuss later in the article.
  • If you don’t like touching the water – having to touch the dirty water in the bucket is quite nasty, but you won’t have to do it with this one.

This Mop isn’t For You:

  • If you need a bucket– sadly, this one doesn’t come with a bucket, so you’d have to buy one separately.
  • If you want to clean under furniture – the Libman Tornado won’t be as helpful with that because it can’t reach under low hanging obstacles.
  • If you need something that dries fast – this one takes quite a while to dry because you can’t lock it in a stretched formation that would allow that.


The features of this product are a few, but they work efficiently and effectively to provide the best moping performance.

Its main feature is the microfiber cleaning head. Its multiple strands connect to form a substantial piece that attaches to the bottom of the wand.

Another thing worth mentioning is the wringing mechanism, which allows simple and effortless use. It makes it easy to handle the mop without actually touching the water in the bucket.

With Libman Tornado Mop, you don’t have to worry about the strings getting tangled up.


When it comes to design, it’s clear that the manufacturer had an idea of making this a revolutionary mop. It doesn’t tangle or become messy like other similar products tend to do.

Though it doesn’t offer plenty of design details, it’s made to serve the purpose rather well and without any hassle.

The wand attaches directly to the cleaning head, which you can replace when dirty. At the base is a piece of plastic that you can slide up and down. You can wring out the cleaning head when you slide it up and twist the mop.

Size & Dimensions

Libman Tornado is quite standard when it comes to size and dimensions. It’s no bigger or smaller than most mops out there, so you probably won’t struggle with use and storage.

It weighs 2.7 pounds, but more importantly, it’s about 54.5’’ tall and 6.6’’ wide. Such dimensions allow you to maneuver the mop easily around the house, even if you’re a bit tight on space. Plus, storing it is equally as simple since it can just fit behind your storage room door.

Accessories & Parts

As you’d expect when it comes to a mop, this one doesn’t come with any particular accessories or parts. The most important part of the cleaner is the head; one is included in the package.

Sadly, no other accessories or parts come with the Libman Tornado. You can, however, purchase additional cleaning heads, which would allow you to use one while the other is being washed.


Libman offers a year warranty for the Tornado mop along with a 30-day return policy. It’s a great way to test the mop to see if it suits your preferences and needs properly.

Still, note the fine print and what the warranty covers for. In most cases, it doesn’t cover for damage caused by misuse, neglect, and normal wear and tear.


You probably have a good idea of the kind of floors this one works on. It’s not to be used on carpets since you’d achieve no results other than possibly damage the carpet or mop.

For this reason, stick to hardwood, tile, vinyl, laminate, and other such bare floors. When it comes to hard surfaces, the mop works equally as well on all of them. It’s quite versatile, which is great if you have combined floors.

However, make sure always to drain all the excess water before you clean the floors. Too much liquid could damage some surfaces like hardwood.


As we mentioned, the mop is quite lightweight, which allows simple maneuverability. However, you might notice it’s a bit tricky to use under furniture and other such obstacles.

It’s not impossible, but there’s a learning curve, depending on how low the furniture is. Other than that, the mop is pretty simple to use since the design is simple and straightforward.


There’s not much you should do to keep this one working properly. The most important thing is to keep the cleaner head as clean as possible, which means you should wash it after each use.

You can do this by hand or in the washing machine along with another laundry. After washing, you should lay it somewhere, so it fully dries before you store it away. Leaving it in a bucket full of water or storing it while it’s wet might start to stick after a while.


Using a mop to clean after your pets isn’t the most efficient way. However, if you used your full-sized vac to pick up the messy pieces, you should use a mop to bring life back to the floors.

Kitty Litter

Sometimes, a vacuum doesn’t pick up the fine dust left behind a litter box. It’s clay dust, so it’s much finer than sand, which is why some vacs can’t pick it up.

So, you should use your vacuum to pick up the large pieces first. After you do this, you can go in with the Libman Tornado and bring the shine back to the floor where the litter box was.

Pet Hair

Sadly, this one might not do the best job of picking up pet hair. It might round it, bringing it all in one spot, but it can’t pick it up.

It’s not designed to work as a pet tool, so don’t expect revolutionary results if you do decide to try using it as such.

Additional Options/Information

Though this is an impressive mop, it’s quite simple and easy to use. It cleans dust as well as actual dirt from your floors regardless of whether it’s vinyl, hardwood, laminate, or another type.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cleaning head is only easy to move when wet. If you try to clean with a dry mop, you might find it a bit trickier because the strands won’t glide as easily.

Is the Libman Tornado Mop for you?

If you’re looking for more than a basic mop, you might want to try the Libman Tornado. It works much like all twist mops, but it’s that much more efficient and easy to use.

Though it doesn’t come with any accessories or design details, the mop does a great job of cleaning different floors such as hardwood, tile, laminate, and others.

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