V7 vs iLife A6 Vacuum Comparison

Searching for a robot cleaner has never been more interesting. The market is packed with so many different models that feature all kinds of innovative technologies.

If you’ve been trying to choose one of these impressive robots, you’ve probably come across iLIFE. This is one of the most popular brands and a great competition to other respectable companies.

It’s based in China, and so far produced several high-tech robot vacuums that are changing the way we clean forever.

Their most popular models, the A6 and V7 are among the top-selling robots on the market.

Not only these are convenient and easy to use, but their suction power and battery life help them stand out even more.

Still, it’s hard to tell which is better because both models have something unique to offer. Nonetheless, proceed as we compare them side by side to help you decide between the two. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our iLife A6 vs V7 guide.


The design has always been important when it comes to vacuum cleaners. In the case of robots, it’s directly connected to convenience and portability. Both iLIFE V7 and A6 feature the classic circular shape. They appear very much the same as the most significant design difference is the color.


It comes in the combination of black and silver, with black being the dominant color. Its logo and buttons are in silver that adds to the overall sleek and elegant design.

Its power button is above the logo while the ‘push’ button is below. The simple design makes the entire unit easy to use as there aren’t any unnecessary and complicated features on the body itself.

The design helps the vacuum stand out but in a good way. The eye-catching but elegant looking body of the unit will attract the attention of everyone who enters your home.


It features the same round design as all robot vacuums though it stands out far better. The A7 is a sight to be seen in the sea of simple looking units.

There’s only one color available, and it’s a vibrant blue combined with a little white. It’s white around the edges, while the very top is blue and looks like it’s glowing. The logo and all the buttons are also white.

Though there’s a significant difference in color and overall appearance, nothing more sets this one apart from the A6. If they were in the same color, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell which is which.


The key with robot vacuums is to come up with perfect dimensions so that the unit isn’t too bulky and unpractical but also not too small. Between the two, A6 is just a bit smaller than V7 and the difference is barely noticeable at first glance.


It has 12.01 inches in diameter and about 3.15 inches in height. Its dust box capacity is 0.3L. The dimensions result in about 180-200 sq.m. of cleaning radius which is quite enough for a unit of its size. This is a somewhat standard size as it’s not the smallest or the largest on the market. However, it can go under and behind most furniture and other tight and hard-to-reach areas.

The unit weighs about 4.9 pounds in total, but there’s no need for carrying it as it returns to its charging dock on its own.


This unit has 13.39 inches in diameter which is just slightly more than the A6. It measures 3.15 in height and weighs no more than 7lbs. As you can see, it’s quite heavier than A6, but it can also return to its charging dock without any assistance on your part.

The robot is a bit bigger than other iLIFE models. Though it may struggle to go under some low couches, the unit maneuvers easily around and under most furniture pieces.  It has a cleaning radius of about 80 to 150 sq. ft. and 0.5L dust box capacity.

Cleaning Power

Cleaning power is a result of all features working together to achieve best suction and performance. iLIFE has never disappointed with the suction they delivered so far. All their models, including the V7 and A6, have been among the most powerful ones to work on both hardwood floors and carpets.


It has a Cyclone Power 3 stage system that boasts enhanced agitation. It helps provide enough suction power to vacuum even the most persistent hairs, dirt, and dust. The side brushes on the body are ideal for cleaning near the walls and other tight areas.

This entire technology allows the vacuum to work with about 10x more power than most previous iLIFE robots. The system maintains itself and has ways of keeping the filter from clogging which is also quite useful.

The A6 is suitable for both hard floors and carpets, though it might get stuck from time to time if the rug is too thick. Its peak power is from 950 to 1000Pa.

Battery Life

Robot vacuums have to be cordless for convenience and portability. However, the lack of a power cord means the use of a battery which can also sometimes have setbacks of its own. Batteries of the A6 and V7 allow portability, but they also have very limited run time and require recharging.


It features a lithium-ion 2600mAh battery the gives you about 160 minutes of runtime. This might seem like enough time to vacuum your home but remember that the robot might go back and forth more than you would.

So, if you live in a large home, this might be just enough time for the vacuum to clean every corner. When it’s about to run out of battery, the robot goes back to its dock for a recharge. It takes it about 2 hours to fully charge and continue its work if needed. However, this time may vary depending on the mode and features you’re using.


Though it features the same 2600mAh battery, V7 provides no more than about 120 minutes of run time. This one also needs no assistance from your part as it returns to its charging dock when the battery is about to run out.

It can effectively clean about 1600 square feet on a single run. A significant difference is that this one needs much more time to recharge compared to A6. It takes it about five to six hours to fully charge and continues with the cleaning process. As it’s the case with many robots, different features and power modes tend to drain the battery rather quickly.


Robot vacuum cleaners don’t usually come with many accessories. In most cases, a few brushes and extra features are all a robot needs to do its best job. Filtration is also an important factor when it comes to necessary attachments.


Apart from the two side brushes, the unit also comes with a BladeAway spiral tangle-free rubber. It also uses Electrowall as a barrier to keep the vacuum away from restricted areas. The side brushes help with cleaning crevices close to the walls and the tight regions around your furniture.

You also get a remote control that allows you to run and stop the process at any times. You can also schedule cleaning sessions and run programs with the remote. It features a HEPA filter that collects the tiniest allergens and dust particles from your carpets and floors.


It has only one side brush on the side of the body that vacuums close to the walls and other crevices. It also comes with a double V brush with squeegee and feathers in a V pattern. This helps the unit avoid crashing into objects and various obstacles.

V7 doesn’t have a HEPA but the main mesh filter. Still, it does a good job at picking up most dirt and dust from your floors and carpets. You can run the unit along with all its modes and features via an app you can download by scanning the code on the box.

Which One Should You Buy?

We’re sure it’s easier for you to decide now between the iLIFE A6 and V7. Though these are two separate models, they do share quite some similarities. Even the differences between the two are minimal.

The A6 is great for both hard floors and carpets because it has high suction power. This power combined with HEPA filter traps even the smallest allergens and dust particles from your home.

However, the V7 might be a better choice for thick carpets. It doesn’t feature a HEPA filter but has a mopping ability ideal for areas concentrated with dirt and dust.

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