How to Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Car

Pet owners love bringing their pets along whenever that’s possible. Dogs and cats are great companions, and riding with them is usually lots of fun. However, once the fun is over, you’re typically left with pet hair all over your car. 

Although you know that’s going to happen, you probably still can’t resist riding with your furry friend. Pet hair can be very stubborn to clean because it gets into all the nooks and crannies. While using duct tape is a trick we all know of, there are other things you can do to make pet hair removal easier. 

Take a few minutes to read the article below as we discuss how to remove pet hair from car easily and quickly. Applying only some of these tricks the next time you’re riding with your furry friend will make all the difference in how your vehicle looks afterward. 

Prevent the Pet Hair Mess in Your Car 

Cat and dog hair are persistent and stubborn, which is why removing pet hair isn’t as simple as most people think. Your car probably has lots of tiny places for hair to build up in. 

While cleaning is an essential part of pet hair removal, preventing the mess can make all the difference. 

Brush Your Pet

Brushing your pet is one of the most important things when it comes to preventing a mess. By brushing, you’re getting rid of the hairs that would otherwise end up on your car upholstery. 

You should brush your furry friend regularly, even if you think he/she isn’t shedding. If, for some reason, you’re not brushing your pet, try to at least do so before letting the animal in your car. A simple brush can help you prevent the excess hairs from ending up on the carpet and upholstery. 

Brushing is easy and takes little time to do, especially when compared to how long it will take you to clean hair from your car. 

Use Seat Covers

While hair is the trickiest to clean, your pet can bring other things to your car’s carpet and upholstery. Water, sand, and dirt are also something you want to keep away from your seats. 

To prevent all that mess from ending up in your vehicle, you should get a seat cover. You can get a specialized seat cover, made specifically for pets, or you can simply throw an old towel or a blanket over your seats. 

The key is to have something between the animal and your seats. This way, you can remove and wash the cover when needed. 

Use a Pet Crate

Some dogs love sticking their head through the window while enjoying the ride. And while you probably want your pet to enjoy, you’re not doing yourself a favor. Not only is this dangerous and often illegal, but you’ll also have to deal with hairs and dander as well. 

If you have to take the animal into your car, you should get a specialized crate. It prevents all the dander and hairs from ending up all over your vehicle. On top of that, it also makes for a safer ride because animals can sometimes get overstimulated by things they see. 

Car Interior Maintenance Tips

As we said, some hair will still find its way out of the crate and seat covers. This is why maintenance is critical for drivers who ride with their furry friends. 

Maintaining your car interior isn’t as complicated if you have the right tools. However, it’s also vital that you commit to cleaning regularly. 

Car Vacuum

If you ever wondered how to get dog hair out of carpet in your car, vacuuming is the answer. It’s still the best way of removing all kinds of hair and dander from all of your car’s interior. 

Still, not every vacuum can do a good job. You should go for a specialized car vacuum that’s designed to get into all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. However, make sure that it has strong suction and appropriate tools to remove hair. 

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Lint Roller

Having a lint roller in your glove compartment can save you lots of time and effort. It’s a great way of picking up the hair quickly and with as little effort as possible. It’s not as efficient as a car vacuum, but it can help you maintain the interior clean after you’ve vacuumed. 

You can also use duct tape instead of a lint roller since it does the same job while being much cheaper. 

Rubber Gloves

Put some rubber gloves on and use some water to remove pet hair. Spray your seats and carpet lightly with water before you sweep with some gloves on. 

Wash your hands (with gloves on) to remove the hair before repeating the process until you remove all the mess. This is an efficient method that uses the power of static electricity and is cheap as well. 

Water & Fabric Softener Combo

Another useful method that acts like a pet hair remover includes some water and a fabric softener. Mix a couple of teaspoons of fabric softener with some water and spray the upholstery. 

Use some paper towels to wipe the excess off. The fabric softener will soften the loose hair, which then makes it easier for you to remove it. Let the area dry before using your car vacuum to remove the hair. 


Removing hair from your car can be very tiring and annoying. Hair is usually very persistent, which makes the idea of removing it awful. 

It’s nearly impossible to remove cat and dog hair from your car once it builds up. For this reason, you should first try to prevent it from building up as much as possible. Use the methods we mentioned above, as each of them can make a huge difference. 

Brush your pet, vacuum the upholstery and every carpet regularly and think about getting a crate. By applying only a few of these methods, you’ll notice that you won’t have to clean hair from your car as often. 

Take the matter seriously because built-up hair can be quite dangerous. The last thing you want is to inhale all that hair and dander all the time since it could lead to allergies and irritation. 

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