How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last?

We all know of all the important factors you should consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. However, one of the most crucial things to check is its longevity. Now the first thing you’re probably wondering now is how long do vacuums last.  

While there are plenty of models on the market, they all have different specifications and features to offer. The same goes for durability and longevity.  

It’s good to know this beforehand just so you’re sure if the model you have in mind is worth the money. How to tell? Well, there are different things you should consider that might tell you how much time you have with the vacuum.  

Continue reading to see the expected lifespan of some popular brands as well as our little guide on what you should get. These are a few things you should think about when looking for your next vacuum cleaner. 

Each Brand is Different

The first thing you should have in mind is that the longevity mostly depends on the brand. Some companies put out top quality vacuum cleaners that last for eight to ten or fifteen years with proper use. On the other hand, other brands offer models that don’t last longer than three years. 

It depends on the brand itself and the quality that would allow long life. You’ll notice how some are more expensive than the others, and that usually has to do with longevity, too. Those on a higher end that cost more money last a long time in most cases.  

Brands Recommendations


Miele Vacuums

There are reports of certain Miele models lasting up to 20 years. They don’t break as easily as other brands and are generally trouble-prone. 

Miele is a well-known brand that’s been around for ages with a reputation for making quality vacuums. However, these aren’t as affordable and are usually hard to find in stores. 

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Hoover is a diverse brand with many different models. They have years and years of experience and many pleased customers to speak of their quality. Most of their vacuums last a long time if used accordingly. You can expect anything from five to fifteen years of life depending on the particular model and general use. 

Hoover Vacuums


There are cases of Dyson vacuums lasting up to ten years. However, you’d really have to take good care of it if you want it to last as long. This means proper use and regular maintenance. You’d have to clean the machine often and also replace all the filters in due time.  

What is The Average Lifespan on Vacuums?

Each vacuum cleaner requires proper care and maintenance to last a long time. Even then, every brand and machine have different longevity. On average, vacuum cleaners last about eight years all as long as you use them accordingly and with care.

How Do You Prolong Life Expectancy?

The best way to ensure that your vacuum lasts a long time is to take good care of it. Every machine, regardless of the brand, requires proper care and regular maintenance. This mostly means often cleaning the machine itself and replacing filters.  

However, though all brands will tell you to maintain the machine, there might be a slight difference in what you should actually do. It’s also crucial you don’t use it to pick up something your unit isn’t built for.  

See the instructions where you can find how to properly use and take care of your vacuum to prolong its life to the max. 

Which Should I Get?

This is probably the hardest question since there are so many models to choose from. However, there are some things you should think about to help you make that decision. Consider the factors below to have a better understanding of what you should get. 

The Model/Brand Credibility 

Look for the brand that stands behind their product by offering a solid warranty deal and reliable customer service. If the unit is good, you’ll always find pleased customers who speak of its quality and durability. Make sure to choose only the best and reliable brands that have some years of experience.  

Type of Power Source

It’s really up to you to choose between battery and cord based on your preference. Each has its own pros and cons so it comes down to which one you think would suit you the best. While battery-operated vacuums are more maneuverable, they also require charging. Corded units are always ready for use and for an unlimited time. 

Upright or Canister?

It again depends on your preference. Canister vacuums are usually more bulky and sturdy, so they often last somewhat longer. However, this depends more on the brand than the type of the vacuum, so you can freely choose based on how convenient they are to you. 

Bag or Bagless?

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have to empty them as often as you can. Bagless vacuums  usually have a dustbin where they collect the dust and dirt. Dustbins sometimes have a larger capacity than vacuums with bags, so they might not need emptying as often.

What do Others Say?

If you want a reliable and long lasting unit, consider only the brands you know have experience and credibility. Pick the one that people have tried and reviewed already, so you know how to use and maintain it. Also, it’s important you don’t throw it away as soon as it shows signs of wear. Check if you can maybe replace certain parts before calling it broken for good. 

Which Vacuum Lasts the Longest?

Miele and Hoover are probably the best two you can go for if you want a long lasting unit. Their vacuums usually last from ten to twenty years with proper care and use. Though this depends on which model you choose, you can expect them to last about fifteen years on average.  

Others like Dyson and Shark usually don’t last longer than ten years also depending on the exact model you choose.  


Consider all the pros and cons of every unit before you make your final decision. Brands can sometimes make great vacuums just as well as they can make some not-so-impressive ones. Consider their credibility in general, but don’t forget to check the particular model you’re interested in.  

Every product has its expiration date, and so does a vacuum cleaner. Appropriate use and regular maintenance are only a few things that play a huge part in how long your vac will last.  

It’s best if you opt for the most reliable one that has replaceable parts and is easy to clean. This way, you can just replace some parts in case they break instead of throwing the entire machine. 

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