Hoover Impulse BH53020 Review

Hoover Impulse is among the best cordless stick vacuums for people with combined floor surfaces. It’s ideal for spot-cleaning, only now you won’t have to carry a heavy vacuum every time you make a mess.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaner that’s simple and easy to use, you might want to look into this one.

It’s a cordless stick, so it’s much more comfortable to use in large houses. Plus, it’s ideal for if you have stairs.

Stay tuned as we discuss its features and specifications in more detail.

The information below might help you decide whether this unique stick is the right choice for your cleaning needs.

This Vacuum is For:

  • Combined floors – this one might be a good choice if you have both carpets and bare floors. Its performance varies from one to another, but it’s always satisfactory nonetheless.
  • Quick cleanups – the Impulse is lightweight and easy to use, so it’s excellent for occasional spot-cleaning and quick cleanups of pet kibble, cereal, rice, hair, and other such messes.
  • Above-floor surfaces – the stick converts into a handheld for more comfortable use on upholstery and other above-floor surfaces.

This Vacuum Isn’t For:

  • Large homes – in most cases, this one shouldn’t be used as a full-size vac. Its dust capacity isn’t as large, and the filter also requires frequent washing. This might be a problem for some people.
  • Quiet use – this stick tends to get quite loud, which makes it tricky to use in apartment buildings. It becomes that much louder when you use it on thick carpets.
  • Allergy-prone people – though it does a good job at picking up dust and allergens, some of those particles might go back into your breathing space as you empty the dust bin.


This one features a dashboard that’s located above the handle. All the features, settings, and commands are within hands reach for more effortless operation.

The vac has three suction modes; the Normal Suction Carpet Mode, Hard Floor, and Boost Mode. You can go between the three depending on your needs and types of floors you’re cleaning.

It also features a see-through canister and swivel steering.


As we mentioned, the Hoover BH53020 Impulse is a stick vacuum. Much like all similar models, it’s designed to be slim and lightweight. As a result, the vac is easy to maneuver with and store away.

The canister and motor are located at the top, which is why it’s quite heavy at the handle.

On the plus side, the unit converts into a handheld, allowing you to use it on above-floor areas and car interiors.

Size & Dimensions

Though it’s a stick, it’s not as slim as most similar models. It has a relatively large top and a wide cleaner head on quite a slim body.

Overall, it measures 11.3×9.5×45 inches and weighs some 5.6 pounds in total. Thanks to its light weight, the unit is easy to bring out even for the smallest messes. It’s a bit top-heavy, so keep in mind that it can’t stand on its own.


The vacuum has a powerful motor that provides enough suction power to tackle most cleaning tasks. It has three different suction power settings meant for carpets, hard floors and areas with embedded dirt.

While its suction doesn’t fade, you might experience that if you fail to clean its filter in time. A dirty filter might lead to clogging, which results in a suction loss.

The Boost Mode is ideal for concentrated dirt though it’s unlikely you’ll use it as often.

Accessories & Parts

The Impulse comes with several accessories, extension tube, and a motorized floor brush. In the package, you’ll receive a dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, extra filter, and a wall mount. Smaller attachments work even when the vac is converted into a handheld.

They don’t require much maintenance but do check for clogging now and then.


It comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer if you use the vac in domestic conditions. This covers damage caused by faulty materials and manufacturing.

The deal doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse, unauthorized repair, neglect, and normal wear and tear.


This vacuum is meant for multi-floor cleaning, though its performance tends to vary from time to time. It mostly depends on the type of floor you’re cleaning.

You must adapt its suction power accordingly. You should also think about the type of dirt you’re trying to clean, so you can use the right tool for the task.


The vacuum does a relatively good job on various types of carpets. It might be a bit louder when you use it on high-pile carpets, but that’s usually normal as long as it’s not overheating.

However, its suction power makes it a bit hard to use on area rugs. It usually pulls on those rugs, making it a bit annoying to work with.

However, it efficiently picks up different types of dirt and debris. You’ll enjoy cleaning even the most embedded dirt from various rugs.


Using it on hardwood and laminate is a breeze due to its suction power and swivel steering. It’s simple to glide across these surfaces without damaging them in any way.

However, make sure to use non-motorized tools only since spinning brushes could scratch the surface. Also, rotating brushes might throw particular debris around instead of picking them up. Overall, you probably won’t struggle to pick up pet hair, rice, dust, sand, kibble, and other such pieces.

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When it comes to maneuverability you shouldn’t experience any difficulties with Hoover Impulse BH53020, as it features swivel steering, and is quite lightweight.


As we mentioned, the unit features swivel steering, which is among the best solutions for maneuverability. It makes it easy to work with on different surfaces and around obstacles. This way, you don’t have to move any furniture around.

Also, because it’s as lightweight, you won’t have issues carrying it around and up and down the stairs. The vac is easy to maneuver with in tight areas that are otherwise hard to reach.


Maintenance might be a bit of a problem for people who clean frequently. In other words, you’ll probably have to wash the filters after almost every use, depending on how large your house is.

Also, you’ll have to empty its dust bin after each use to make sure it’s always clean and ready for the next time you need to clean the floors.

You should clean the brushes from hair if you have pets to prevent clogging and tangling.


This one is on a louder side compared to other Hoover units. Its motor is quite powerful, which is one of the reasons why the vac is as loud.

For this reason, it might not be the best choice for apartment buildings if you tend to clean at night.

Battery (Charge Time)

The manufacturer claims that its battery lasts up to twenty minutes. In most cases, that is more like eighteen minutes of powerful suction. It takes some three to four hours to recharge, which you should do after each use.

Cordless or Cord?

The Impulse is cordless and battery-operated. It’s a convenient option for people who don’t have as many power sockets that aren’t already in use.

Though many people consider this to be more convenient than a corded option, keep in mind you have to make sure it’s always recharged and ready.

Bag or Bagless?

Instead of having a dustbag, the Impulse features a dirt bin near its handle. It’s a transparent bin, so you can see when it’s time to empty it.

The capacity of the dirt cup is some four liters, which means you’ll probably have to empty it after each use. The process isn’t as complicated though it’s also not as suitable for allergy-prone people.



This one has two filters, cleaning the air before it goes back into your home. To keep the suction at peak power, you should wash the filters regularly. Remove them at least once a week and give them a quick rinse. Let both filters dry for at least 24h before you install them back.


If you have pets, you probably need a unit that’s easy to use and lightweight. The Hoover Impulse is just that, so it’s perfect for quick cleanups in pet-friendly households.

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter might be a bit tricky to pick up from hardwood and bare floors if you’re using a motorized tool. Using a non-motorized accessory is often much efficient.

The litter pieces should always be dry because the wet ones could damage the unit. Nonetheless, this type of dirt isn’t a problem for the Impulse to pick up.

Pet Hair

Pet hair tends to be quite persistent when in high-pile rugs. For this reason, the vac might have some trouble getting it out unless you’re using the Boost Mode. Vacuuming pet hair from hardwood and bare floors is relatively simple and shouldn’t be too challenging for you.

Is the Hoover BH53020 Impulse For You?

If you need a lightweight vac for quick cleanups, this one might be the best choice. It’s among the best-selling Hoover units that are easy to use and store away.

It comes with several attachments and a few useful features that make the overall experience much more comfortable. On top of that, it’s equally suitable for pet owners and people who have multi-floor surfaces.

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