Eureka 41A vs. 71B – Model Comparison for 2020

We all look for the easiest and most practical way of cleaning our homes. A good vacuum is crucial, but choosing one isn’t as simple since there are plenty on the market.

The Eureka is a brand that’s been around for a while with many pleased customers to talk about the quality of their products. They too have several great models, so we get if you’re struggling to choose just one.

Among their most popular are the Eureka 41a and 71b. Both are lightweight and offer effective cleaning of large and small messes, as well as stairs.

Though these two Eureka handheld vacuum models can change the way you feel about vacuuming, you’re probably wondering what the difference. At first glance, they appear to be quite similar, but once you go into depth, you can see that they aren’t.

Continue reading as we compare the features and benefits in this Eureka 41a vs 71b review.



Both of these handheld Eureka vacuums are corded. Now, corded vacuums usually deliver only so many options regarding maneuvering and portability. Many people usually think that cordless is way better, but there are pros to having a corded vacuum, too.

Though you need an available power socket, you never have to think about battery life or charging time with these two Eureka models. This allows you to vacuum at any time you like without any special preparations you must take beforehand.

Also, both Eureka models have easy cord storage. Simply roll it around the body of the vacuum, so it’s out your way when not in use.


Bagless vacuums have only recently become popular, and the Eureka is one of the first brands to ditch the bags altogether. Both the Eureka 41a Rapidclean and 71b feature no bags, which is what makes them safer for people as well as the environment.

These handheld Eureka cleaners feature a washable DCF-11 filter. This filter is a guarantee that you no longer have to continually buy new vacuum cleaner bags that last only a little while. Plus, the DCF-11 Eureka filter is a more eco-friendly option since you won’t have bags to throw away each week.

The cleaning process is very simple, as the filter is reusable so rinse it with plain water, and you’re ready to go.

Motorized Brush Roll

The motorized brush roll is simply a must when it comes to quality handheld vacuum cleaners which is why the manufacturer featured it in both the Eureka 41A and 71B. It makes the entire process easier and more effective. Plus, these are gentler on your floor surfaces.

Both Eureka models have a motorized brush roll with an on/off switch that makes it easy to use. These are suitable for cleaning carpets, tiles, hardwood floor, stairs, and any other surface in your home.

Differences Between Eureka 41A vs. 71B


Power is among the most important factors to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner. It determines how well the machine vacuums as well as the quality of cleaning it delivers.

All Eureka vacuums are quite powerful but what about these two?

The 71B handheld is at 5.5amps while the Eureka 41A works with 6amps of power. As you can see, the Eureka 41A is a bit more powerful though the difference isn’t as big.  More so, you probably wouldn’t be able to feel the one is more powerful than the other.

Cord Length

We’ve already mentioned how corded vacuum cleaners compare to the cordless ones. Some may consider them more convenient, especially when cleaning areas such as stairs, but it’s mostly a matter of preference.

These two Eureka models are corded handheld vacuums, which means you can use them at any time. However, there’s a difference in length of the cords included.

The Eureka 71B handheld vacuum has a 20ft cord while the Eureka 41A Rapidclean Step features a cord length of 25ft. Is the difference substantial? It’s up to you to decide based on your preferences and needs.

Think about how big your rooms are as well as where you can plug in the vacuum. Overall, both Eureka vacuums have a cord that is long enough to allow you smooth and effortless cleaning.


The first thing you notice is how these Eureka models look very similar. Their shape is somewhat the same, and the design ideas seem to resemble. The filter at the front and the cable storage solution are the same with both of these models.

However, there are differences that help us tell these apart at first glance. Both of these Eureka vacs are yellow and black, but the 71B features more yellow while the Eureka 41A has more black.

Also, the Eureka 41A measures 15 x 8 x 7 inches while the 71B’s dimensions are 7x 15 x 8 inches. Though this doesn’t seem significant, the Eureka 71B weighs 6.8lbs and the 41A weighs 4.8lbs.

Which is The Better Choice?

With the 25ft cord and 3dt hose, the Eureka RapidClean Step 41A is one of the most practical on the market. This Eureka model weighs 4.8lbs which is why most people opt for it. If you have stairs in your home, you’ll especially love cleaning with this one.

The weight of this Eureka vacuum makes it easy to maneuver with around the tight areas such as stairs. It’s also a bit more powerful and features more cord length.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that this one is 2 pounds heavier than the Eureka 41A. Though it doesn’t seem like much right now, you’ll notice the difference after a while.

The Eureka 71B has somewhat less power, too, but the difference is barely noticeable. The vacuum is still impressive enough to deliver outstanding results and performance.

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