Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Are you tired of bulky vacuums? If so, you should know that you’re not alone. People are now often choosing smaller, more compact, and portable vacuums as opposed to old-school heavy models.

If you’re looking for maneuverability without sacrificing suction power, you should consider the Eureka Mighty Mite.

This is a canister vacuum that’s easy to use and maneuver with compared to older canister vacuums. Mighty Mite is a lightweight vacuum that’s ideal for deep-cleaning as well as simple spot-cleaning, and it also includes a blower port.

Take a moment to read all about this one in this review, including how it performs, what it comes with, and what makes it such a good choice.

This Vacuum Is For You Because:

  • It’s lightweight – the Mighty Mite is a lightweight vacuum weighing only 11 pounds. This might not seem as lightweight, but in reality, you won’t feel its weight as much give that it’s a canister vacuum.
  • It’s easy to maneuver with – because it’s a canister, you’re supposed to pull it behind you. However, thanks to its weight, set of accessories and well thought out design, the cleaner glides across floors and is simple to work with.
  • It’s versatile – the Mighty Mite comes with a few different accessories and attachments that make it easy to use.

This Vacuum Isn’t For You Because:

  • It’s not for thick carpets – this one tends to struggle with larger debris on thick carpets. Thought it has powerful suction, it’s often not enough to pick up such debris from high-pile carpets and different rugs.
  • It takes some learning – though most people consider it relatively simple, some customers claim they had some learning to do. In other words, its variable suction power is a bit tricky to adjust at first before you get used to it.
  • Some parts are flimsy – unlike most canister vacuums, this one comes with a plastic extension wand. Most customers explained how they replaced it with a brand new metal telescopic wand.


One of the best things about this vacuum is that it features a blower port. It’s a feature not so many models come with, but it makes all the difference. It’s what allows you to use the vac in your garage, workshop or wherever you’d have to blow some debris off.

Also, this one has automatic shut-off function which protects the engine from overheating. It’s a convenient detail if you often clean for an extended period.


The first thing you’ll notice is its bright yellow color and black details. The vacuum is designed much like all other canister vacuums, with most of its weight in the canister itself.

It has a long wand and a hose allowing you to reach certain hard-to-reach areas. As you clean, you pull the vac behind you using the hose and the wand. It’s a classic canister design you’ve probably come across in some older models.

Size & Dimensions

The Mighty Mite is lightweight and compact, which isn’t usually the case with canister vacuums. Thanks to its size and dimensions, it’s much easier to use than most other such cleaners.

It measures 9×17.5×11.63 inches in total, allowing you easy use and simple storing. Because this is a new and improved version of the vacuum, it’s somewhat different compared to the old one. It’s a bit more compact and easy to get to hard-to-reach areas.


This one features powerful suction that’s usually enough for most types of messes. It’s ideal for hardwood and other bare floors that are moderately dirty. Still, it does a relatively good job on area rugs although it’s not the best on thick carpets.

Suction power is adjustable through the vac doesn’t have an actual button to let you control it. Instead, it has a slip ring allowing you to adjust it depending on the type of floor you’re cleaning.

Accessories & Parts

When it comes to parts and accessories, you’ll notice the Mighty Might being quite usual. It comes with the standard wand and a hose allowing you easier use on areas that aren’t as easy to reach.

The extension wand is plastic, which is something people generally dislike. Still, it’s a durable plastic that’s nearly impossible to break.

Other accessories included are the crevice tool, dusting brush, floor brush, floor cleaning tool, and the dust bag.


The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670g is warranted free from defects in manufacturing and materials for one year. It’s a limited warranty, so make sure to familiarize yourself with what it actually covers.

The deal doesn’t cover things subject to normal wear, like belts, disposable bags, drive belts, filters, and brush roll bristles.


When you’re choosing a vacuum, it’s always important to consider the type of floors you have. In other words, some units might not be as impressive on all floors, which is why you should think about this beforehand.

The Mighty Mite is a versatile machine that does fairly well on most surfaces.


Thought this Eureca vacuum is easy to maneuver with across different carpets, it’s not as efficient in some cases. If you have thick, high-pile carpets, the Eureka Mighty Mite might not be such a great option due to its suction. The vacuum isn’t powerful enough to pick up large debris from such thick rugs.

Other carpets such as low-pile and area ones are relatively simple to clean with this Eureka vacuum. The best thing to do is use its suction control to adjust the power you need for each type of carpet.


The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670g is quite impressive when it comes to hardwood and other types of bare floor. It’s efficient and simple to use on such smooth surfaces regardless of the type of dirt. Things like rice, sugar, kitty litter, dust, sand, and other such particles are quite easy to clean.

Larger debris such as cereal might not be as simple to clean because the vacuum simply rolls over it. There are other canister vacuums that are suited for hardwood floors if you’re interested.

With Eureka Mighty Mite you don’t have to worry about maneuverability, as it features a 20′ cord and a 7′ hose.


The Mighty Mite is one of the best Eureka units when it comes to maneuverability. It comes with a 7’ hose and 20’ power cord allowing extended reach and easier maneuverability across different flooring, including bare floor.

On top of that, the wand is extendable, which gives you an even bigger cleaning radius. This is especially useful if you have stairs more so since the vacuum is as lightweight. Plus, this one has large wheels making it easier for you to move the vacuum without as much effort.


Maintaining this one is quite simple since it doesn’t require any expensive replacement parts as frequently. The three parts you’ll have to replace are the pre-motor filter, dust bag, and HEPA filter.

Make sure to empty the dust bag after each use before replacing it after one to two months. Also, the pre-motor filter has to be replaced every three to four months. Lastly, the HEPA filter requires replacement every six months.


You already know that it’s normal for a vacuum to be loud. However, some are quieter than others, which is great for apartments and noise-sensitive people.

You’ll definitely be able to hear the Mighty Mite since it’s somewhat louder than most Eureka vacuums. Nonetheless, you can use it in apartments and building complexes.

Cordless or Cord?

The Eureka Mighty Mite is a corded vacuum that comes with a 20’ power cord. It features a quick-release function allowing more comfortable use and much simpler storage.

Such a long cord provides extended reach more so when combined with the 7’ hose and the extension wand.

Bag or Bagless?

This one is bagged and comes with a fairly large bag that’s stored inside the canister. All the dirt it sucks in stays inside the bag that should be replaced once it’s full.

Sadly, it doesn’t work with reusable bags, so you’ll have to buy replacements after a few cleaning sessions.


The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670g is efficient in picking up small particles and allergens. It has a pre-motor filter and a HEPA filter for trapping even the tiniest allergens and dust particles.

These filters require some maintenance, so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. They’re easy to wash, replace


The Mighty Mite vacuum does reasonably well on messes our pets tend to make. It’s a good unit to use for pet hair, kibble kitty litter, and other such particles.

Kitty Litter

If the litter pieces are larger, the vacuum might leave some behind. It might just push the litter forward as it does with cereal pieces.

It doesn’t have to be a tricky process depending on the floor surface as well as litter size. Also, make sure only to clean dry pieces since wet litter can damage your vacuum beyond repair.

Pet Hair

Thanks to its suction and accessories, the Mighty Mite does a great job of picking up pet hair. It cleans both short and long fur hairs from furniture, stairs, carpets and different types of bare floor with ease. We consider the Mighty Mite to be a popular pet hair vacuum cleaner.

Is The Eureka Mighty Mite For You?

This is an efficient and versatile vacuum cleaner including blower port, meant to be used as a full-size vacuum for maintaining different floor surfaces.

The Mighty Mite could be one of our top vacuum cleaners when it comes to ease of use and maintenance. It’s among the most efficient Eureka units that are simple to maneuver with and store away.

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