Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

We’re sure that you’ve heard of Dyson and their cordless stick vacuums as one of the best on the market. It’s for a reason since these vacuums come with a series of useful features for different types of floors.

The one that stands out the most recently is the Dyson V6 cordless. This cordless stick vacuum is slim and attractive, and as such, it’s easy to maneuver with and use at any time.

While it’s certain that it comes with well-known Dyson quality, it also has a few other things to offer. It’s an improved cordless model that comes with a better battery and more powerful suction than what we’ve seen on previous stick vacuums.

For the price, you get an incredible unit to use in all areas of your home. In this Dyson V6 review, you’ll find all the information on what it offers and how it performs with all its features and specifications.

This Vacuum is For You:

  • If you want a convertible – this one converts into a handheld for easier use in tight areas. It takes a single click to remove the extension wand, making the unit ideal for stairs, car interior, and upholstery.
  • If you want a lightweight unit – Dyson D6 cordless is one of the most lightweight vacuums offered by the popular company. It weighs only 4.5 lbs in total, so it’s easy to use even for an extended period.
  • If you want cordless and bagless – Dyson V6 absolute comes with no cord or a dust bag. It’s powered by a battery and has a dust canister instead of a bag you’d have to keep replacing.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you need long battery life – its battery lasts for about twenty minutes on Powerful mode and only six minutes on Max mode. While Powerful mode is strong enough for most jobs, you’ll have to keep the battery life always in mind.
  • If you need a bigger dust cup – this one comes with a 0.4-liter dust bin capacity. Combined with its battery life, it’s enough for smaller homes and flats.
  • If you have pets – while its brush might pick up most of the pet hair, longer hairs might get tangled up in there.


One of the best features of this cordless stick vacuum is the power button. Instead of the regular on/off switch, the cleaner has a power trigger that helps extend runtime. The trick is in having to hold the trigger in order to run the vac.

While some units might offer a longer runtime, Dyson V6 Absolute does a great job of saving what it has. The trigger system means the unit will never run unnecessarily while you’re moving objects and furniture around.


This is a modern-looking cleaner that you won’t want to hide in your storage room. It’s a gadget you’ll want to show due to its slim and attractive design.

Its motor and dust cup are located at the top, which tends to create misbalance when it comes to leaving it standing. For this reason, it comes with a wall mount storage system.

This cordless stick vacuum is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use and can be converted into a handheld.

Size & Dimensions

It’s a stick, so it’s naturally quite slim and lightweight. As we already mentioned, it weighs 4.5 pounds and measures 9.8×8.2×46.4 inches in total.

Its cleaning path is somewhat smaller than what we saw on other Dyson models. However, it matches the overall design of the cleaner.

As a handheld, this cordless stick vacuum is compact and equally as lightweight, making above-floor cleaning a breeze.


Its strong suction comes from the Dyson digital motor D6 as well as the 2 Tier Radial cyclones. It has two power modes allowing you to choose between the two levels of suction.

The Powerful mode is the standard one and gives about twenty minutes of cleaning time. It’s enough for most of your cleaning tasks, depending on the type of floor.

Max mode allows a more powerful suction for some of your toughest cleaning needs. Dyson V6 Absolute does decrease the runtime down to only six minutes of continuous cleaning.

Accessories & Parts

It comes with a mini motorized cleaner head with bristles along the entire width, allowing edge-to-edge cleaning. It cleans all floor types with equal efficiency thanks to its versatile crevice tool.

It also comes with a combination tool that’s meant for cleaning crevices and floor-to-ceiling different surfaces. It has stiff nylon bristles that remove dirt that’s ground-in deep in your carpets. The carbon fiber filaments are gentler and more suitable for removing fine dust from hard floors.


Dyson V6 cordless comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor. It covers malfunction happening due to wronged manufacturing, but won’t cover normal wear and tear.

Also, any breakage or malfunction happened due to misuse won’t be covered by the warranty offered.


Certain stick vacuums are better than others when it comes to specific floor types. This one performs well on all kinds of surfaces from bare floors to carpets. It comes with a few attachments and two power modes that allow it to clean these surfaces well depending on how dirty they are.


Its motorized brush is all you need for cleaning even the most stained carpets. While it can clean both low pile and thick carpets, some might be easier to handle than others. The brush rotates and gets even the most persistent dirt out of your carpets.

The combination tool might also help with its stiff nylon bristles that penetrate deep into carpets. They’re spread throughout the brush, so they pick up even the dirt accumulated in corners and crevices.


You’ll want something gentler for your hardwood floors than the nylon bristles. The combination tool has two sides, one of which features carbon fiber filaments that won’t damage your floors.

This stick vacuum cleans different bare floors with ease so that you can tackle the dirt from your hardwood, tiles, laminate and other surfaces. On top of that, it goes smoothly from one surface to another, and the crevice tool allows you to access hard-to-reach areas.

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We’ve mentioned how lightweight and how that helps maneuverability a great deal. The stick is slim and lightweight, and as such, it’s easy to work over different floor surfaces.

Although it’s not a robot vacuum, the motorized cleaning brush of Dyson V6 Absolute is easy to maneuver with as well since you won’t need force to move it around. It does most of the job on its own and on a single pass.

Majority of its weight is at the top where the motor and canister are. For this reason, the vacuum cannot stand upright on its own.

The last thing you want to do is waste your time on a vacuum which requires a lot of maintenance. Luckily, Dyson V6 features a washable, low-maintenance HEPA filter.


There’s not much you’ll have to do when it comes to maintenance. It’s made of quality parts and components that don’t require any particular maintenance, as the majority of stick vacuums.

It comes with a washable HEPA filter that lasts throughout the entire lifetime of the cleaner. It requires some maintenance as you’ll have to wash it once in a while.


Its digital motor is a bit louder, but the level of noise is still somewhat average. It’s not particularly quiet, but it’s also not as loud as to disturb your neighbors or even your household.

The level of noise this stick vacuum produces also depends on the suction mode and the tools you use.

Battery (Charge Time)

The manufacturer recommends 3.5 hours of charging time in order to get the full runtime. It comes with a docking station you can attach to the wall and plug into a socket. The battery lasts about twenty minutes when in Powerful mode, and about six minutes in Max mode.

Dyson V6 Absolute sits neatly in the station and is always recharging when it’s attached. While it provides charging, it also eliminates the need for storage space.

Cordless or Cord?

This is a cordless cleaner as its name implies. It’s a stick cleaner that’s powered by a rechargeable battery, so all need of a cord is eliminated. As such, the unit is easy to use in different areas of your home without worrying about changing sockets, similar to a robot vacuum.

Bag or Bagless?

It comes with 0.4-liter dust canister that’s see-through and easy to empty. Many argue that stick vacuums with bags are more suitable for allergy-prone people, though its HEPA filter picks up most of the allergens, locking them inside the canister.


This stick vacuum comes with a washable HEPA filter that’s meant to last during the entire lifetime of the vacuum. It’s easy to maintain as it only requires an occasional rinsing with plain water. Make sure to allow it to dry fully before using it again.


If you have pets, chances are that you’re dealing with hair and different messes on a daily basis. For this, you need a special kind of cleaner that can tackle the issues efficiently.

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter comes in different sizes, and Dyson V6 can only pick up the smaller ones. It’s more successful with smaller pieces that are on low-pile carpets and bare floors than dense rugs.

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Pet Hair

Regardless of whether it’s short or long, hair is always annoying and quite persistent. To get it off of your furniture and floors, you might have to use the vacuum’s Max mode.

We recommend that you read our best vacuums for pet hair guide if you’re looking for more options.

Is The Dyson V6 For You?

This Dyson vacuum cleaner is a powerful appliance that’s easy to use and maneuver with regardless of the floor surface. It’s convenient, but it might not be enough to tackle a large home or an apartment. Therefore, what could be concluded from this Dyson V6 review is that it’s recommended as an addition to your full-sized vacuum, as opposed to being your main vacuum.

If your full-sized vac is heavy and bulky, this little unit is ideal to use between in-depth cleaning sections, similar to a robot vacuum. It’s compact, simple, modern-looking, and always quite enjoyable to use.

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