Dyson V11 Review

Have you ever used a Dyson vacuum cleaner? If so, you probably know the attention and detail the brand puts in its products. If it’s your first time, you’ve probably at least heard of the quality it offers.

Dyson has been around for ages and is among the most popular brands in today’s market. It offers a wide range of products with the Dyson V11 Torque Drive being one of the best-selling ones.

It’s unique and offers supreme usability and convenience, so it might be worth look into if you’re searching for a new cordless vacuum.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you’re on a budget – though the subject is entirely objective, many people consider V11 Torque Drive to be on a pricier side. If this is out of your price range, then check out some vacuums that’s under $100.
  • If your floors get very dirty – though this one has satisfactory suction power and relatively long run time, its dust canister is on a small side. For this reason, you’ll maybe have to empty it more often than you’d like to.
  • If you want a lightweight unit – it’s quite heavy considering it’s as slim and compact.


Its primary feature is the innovative Torque cleaner head. It does an excellent job of picking up even the most persistent dust and debris while adapting to different floor types when it’s in Auto mode. This makes it easy to go from hardwood to carpets and vice versa.

Another feature worth mentioning is the LCD screen that displays all the most critical info regarding the cleaning process. It shows remaining battery life and performance info in real time.


Dyson V11 Torque Drive is a stick cordless vacuum made of a cleaner head, extension wand, and motor. It’s slim and compact, but it’s a bit top-heavy as well because the motor is located at the handle.

For this reason, it cannot stand on its own, which some people consider as a problem. However, the vac comes with a docking station for both the unit and its attachments.

Its low profile and slim design allow you to clean under the furniture and other unapproachable areas.

Size & Dimensions

As we mentioned, it’s compact and thin, so you probably won’t struggle with storing it away or using it to clean awkward, hard-to-reach areas.

It measures 50.6×9.8×10.3 inches in total while weighing some 6.68 pounds. These numbers show the cleaner is quite heavier and bigger than Dyson’s previous stick models.

While the dimensions don’t affect maneuverability in this case, the weight might be an issue depending on your needs and preference.


Dyson V11 Torque Drive has 14 cyclones that generate more than 79.000g of force that flings even the tiniest particles into the bin. In addition, it features two suction options: Auto mode and Boost mode.

Its suction is continuous and fade-free for the entire 60 minutes of battery run time. Plus, the vac features the Dynamic Load Sensor that automatically changes the motor speed depending on the floor surface.

Another thing that helps such powerful suction is the Dyson Digital Motor V11 that spins at up to 125,000rpm.

Accessories & Parts

Its main parts include the extension wand, Torque drive head, and motor/handle. Apart from that, the V11 Torque also comes with a mini motorized tool, stubborn dirt brush, crevice tool, combination tool, and a soft dusting brush.

The package also includes parts like a wand storage clip, docking station for the unit and two accessories, and the charger. In addition, although it’s not an accessory, it’s important to mention that it features an LCD screen.


Once you register your purchase, the manufacturer covers the unit with a 2-year warranty. The unit is covered for parts and labor for two years from the date of purchase.

The deal doesn’t cover filters and other parts subject to normal wear and tear. It also doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse.


Dyson V11 Torque Drive e is a versatile unit, so it does a good job on all floor types. Some surfaces might be trickier to clean, but with its powerful suction and smart sensors, you shouldn’t have any significant issues.


Its Torque cleaner head is the primary cleaning head that does wonders on carpets. It has spiral bristles that go deep into carpets picking up even the tiniest and most persistent dirt.

Plus, the Dynamic Load Sensor changes its suction power as you go from deep-pile carpets to area rugs, so it doesn’t pull or push them around.


The Torque head is equally as useful on hardwood and other bare floors. It adapts to the level of the floor in order to pick up the dirt and dust efficiently.

Another useful tool is the stubborn dirt brush for bare floors. Dyson V11 Torque Drive has bristles that are slightly further apart and much firmer than the ones on the dusting brush. As such, the tool is ideal for scrubbing hard surfaces that aren’t as gentle as hardwood.


As we mentioned, Torque Drive is a bit top-heavy due to the fact that the motor is located at the handle. However, this might not be as big of a problem as the overall weight of the unit. Since it’s on a heavier side, you might struggle with using it for the full 60 minutes.

Things that make maneuverability simple are its low profile cleaner head and 2-in-1 design. The unit converts into a handheld for more comfortable use on hard-to-reach and above-floor surfaces.


The only maintenance it requires is regular filter cleaning. The filtration system is washable, so you’ll have to clean it at least every six months or even more frequently if you want to.

You’ll also have to empty the dust bin regularly and wash it occasionally. It’s up to you to decide how often this will be since it depends on how often you use the vacuum.

It’s important to note that the V11 shows regular filter maintenance reminders, blockage alerts, and troubleshooting solutions.

Designed with a built-in acoustic baffle, Dyson V11 produces less noise than other similar vacuum models.


This one is acoustically engineered with the acoustic baffle built into the motor head. This eliminates unpleased tones and diverts direct sound making the unit much quieter to use.

Though you’ll definitely be able to hear it, the sound won’t disturb your household or your next-door neighbor’s peace.

Battery (Charge Time)

While the actual run time varies depending on the power mode and attachment you use, you’ll get up to 60 minutes of powerful suction.

The unit comes with rechargeable 7-cell lithium-ion batteries that take some 4.5 hours to recharge. It also has a battery-saving trigger that ensures the power is only being used when you hold the trigger. The moment you let go of it, the unit shuts off saving the battery life.

Cordless or Cord?

Dyson V11 is a battery-operated and cordless vacuum. Since it doesn’t have a cable, it’s also easier to use and store away than its corded counterparts.

Though you won’t have to worry about changing sockets, you’ll have to keep in mind its batteries, and the time it takes for them to recharge.

Bag or Bagless?

This is a bagless unit that comes with a dust canister that’s under the handle. Its capacity is at about 0.76l, which is an average-sized cup compared to other Dyson units.

The dust cup empties at the bottom, which is quite simple to do. It doesn’t require any special maintenance, though it’s recommended you wash it now and then.


Dyson V11 features whole-machine filtration that captures up to 99.97% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns.

It holds all the dust and allergens inside the unit, expelling only clean air through its exhaust system.


Most pets tend to make a mess whether its the thrown-around kitty litter, hairs or dirt coming from their muddy paws. If this is something you deal with daily, you should consider the V11.

Kitty Litter

Its Torque head is ideal for picking up both small and big pieces of litter. It does an equally great job on both carpets and bare floors as long as the litter is completely dry.

Pet Hair

While the aforementioned Torque head does a great job on bare floors, you might also want to try the mini motorized tool for pet hair. It removes the stubborn hairs from both carpets and upholstery. Plus, you can use the unit as a handheld to regularly pick up the hairs from your furniture.

Additional Options/Information

One of the best things about this cleaner is its intelligent system. The unit features an LCD screen that shows selected power mode, filter maintenance reminders, remaining run time, and blockage reports.

Is The Dyson V11 Torque For You?

If you have combined floors and possibly even a pet, you should consider the V11 Torque as one of the best options. It comes from a reliable brand that has years of experience and a wide range of products to show for.

You should give it a chance if you’re looking for an innovative vacuum with strong suction, long runtime, and efficient filters.

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