Dyson DC59 Review

Have you ever thought about what could make vacuum cleaning less tiring? The right answer to that question lies in a compact and easy-to-use cleaner.

If you’re tired of heavy cleaners that are tricky to use, you should try the Dyson DC59. It’s one of the most compact and slim units on the market providing versatile use and edge-to-edge cleaning.

DC59 Motorhead is an innovative unit that’ll change the way you feel about vacuum cleaning regardless of the size of your home and the type of floors you have.

Check the article below to find out some of the most critical info on its specifications, features, and overall performance.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you require extended runtime – since it’s battery-operated, DC59 Motorhead only runs for a certain period after which you’ll need to recharge it.
  • If you like the traditional on/off switch – most new models have dynamic triggers instead of the old-school on/off switch. It means you’ll have to hold the trigger throughout the cleaning process.
  • You want a large bin – since it’s a bagless unit, you’ll have to empty its bin quite frequently. More so, its dust bin is smaller than what we’ve seen on other sticks on the market.


Its best feature is the Motorhead Technology that ensures the motorized head delivers up to 75% more cleaning power regardless of the floor type.

Another feature worth noting is the runtime-enhancing trigger. This means the battery life is only being used when you’re holding the trigger and using the vacuum. The moment you let go, the unit stops working, saving the battery life as you move chairs and other obstacles.


Sticks are among the most popular, and that’s mainly due to their slim design. DC59 Motorhead has a thin body, a wide cleaning path, and an ergonomically designed handle for easier use.

It looks fierce and modern thanks to the bright colors and attractive design. Much like all sticks, its digital motor is located at the top of the body. As a result, it might be a bit off balance and unable to stand on its own, but that doesn’t affect its overall performance.

Size & Dimensions

The unit measures 29.1×10.7×6.1 inches in total, which gives you a general idea of how slim and tall its body is.

It weighs some 8.45 pounds, which isn’t the most lightweight when it comes to sticks, but it’s not too heavy either. It’s easy to work with, while also being simple to store away since its body can fit virtually anywhere in your storage room.


For suction, Dyson included the cyclone vacuum technology along with two tiers of radial cyclones. The component was re-designed to improve the airflow and create more centrifugal forces.

The improved technology allowed maximized suction power. Plus, the unit features the V6 motor that’s one of the most powerful motors for sticks to this day.

On top of that, it has low and high speed levels allowing you to choose depending on the surface you’re cleaning.

Accessories & Parts

The unit comes with a crevice tool, a brush tool with tight nozzles, a detachable extension and, mini motorized tool, upholstery tool and a charger/docking station.

All the accessories attach with ease, and it’s unlikely any of them would come loose while in use. Also, note that some are more suitable for carpets while others are meant for bare floors.


The DC59 Motorhead comes with a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor, which is considered a standard deal for this type of vacs. Dyson covers damage caused by faulty materials or manufacturing, but it doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse, normal wear and tear, unauthorized repair, and neglect.

If you’re looking for versatility, Dyson DC59 might be the solution since it performs well on all flooring surfaces.


If you have combined floors, you’ll probably love using the DC59 Motorhead. Not only it has powerful suction you can control, but it also comes with a few attachments that improve its performance on particular surfaces.


Its motorized head ensures power and usability you’ll enjoy if you have different carpets in your home. So far, no carpets seemed to be too much to handle for the DC59 Motorhead.

This is probably due to its powerful suction but also the fact that you can choose between two power modes. Its MAX mode pulls out even the most embedded dirt out of high-pile carpets, but you’ll probably have to use a non-motorized tool to avoid tangling.


The unit doesn’t have any major issues picking up different dirt, dust, and particles from hardwood and other bare floors.

It has enough suction power, and since you can control it, you can tackle even the dirtiest parts of your hardwood floor.

For bare floors, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need MAX mode, but make sure to use non-motorized tools only since motorized ones can damage these surfaces.


This is a stick, so already you can tell it’s easy to maneuver with. It’s lightweight, slim, compact and as such, simple to work with on different floors.

As if this wasn’t enough, Dyson included the V Ball Technology that makes steering and moving the vac around much easier.

These simple specs allow you to reach under furniture and around different obstacles. Add its small attachment tools to the picture, and you get a maneuverable and convenient cleaner.


The only maintenance task you’ll have to do somewhat frequently is empty the dirt bin. You should wash the filters now and then as well, but not as frequently.

To keep them clean, you should simply remove, wash, and dry them. Keep in mind that filters have to air dry for at least 24h before you use them again.


The topic of the noise it produces is quite objective, which is why opinions are as split. The unit produces noise at an acceptable level when it’s in regular mode. When it’s in MAX mode, it becomes a bit louder, but even then, the sound is at a reasonable level for a vacuum.

Battery (Charge Time)

The Dyson DC59 Motorhead features the Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery that lasts has about 24 minutes of run time on regular mode and less than 7 on MAX mode.

Since the regular mode is powerful enough for most household tasks, you’ll probably also find the 24-minute runtime to be enough. The battery takes about four hours to recharge.

Cordless or Cord?

This is a cordless unit powered by a single rechargeable battery. It features no cables or power cords but the run time is limited.

Although this eliminated the need for constant re-plugging, you’ll have to recharge the battery regularly to have it ready at all times.

Bag or Bagless?

It’s a bagless vac featuring a small dust cup of 0.12 gallons. Because it’s as small, you’ll probably have to empty it after each time you use the vac.

Still, you empty it with a single push of a button, so the entire process doesn’t take much time. However, make sure to keep the canister directly above your trash can and as close to it as possible.


Dyson only included washable and reusable filters to trap the dust and particles. Though it doesn’t sound like much, its filtration system is reliable and efficient.

Furthermore, it’s easy to maintain, requiring only occasional rinse and air drying. One thing that’s critical to remember is to allow the filter to dry for 24h before using them again.


Pets can be quite messy, but there’s unlikely a mess that would be too much for the Dyson DC59 Motorhead. Things like kibble, litter, and pet hair are simple for the vac to handle regardless of the floor surface.

Kitty Litter

Though the DC59 Motorhead performs well on both bare floors and carpets, placing litter on bare floors is always the better choice.

The vac doesn’t have any issues picking up such particles off of bare floors and even low-pile carpets. It might not pick them up from high-pile rugs and hardwood.

Pet Hair

Pet hair also doesn’t stand a chance against the Dyson Digital DC59 Motorhead. If it’s on your furniture, you can use some of the smaller tools. Its mini motorized tool is excellent for pet hair that’s stuck to upholstery and hard-to-reach areas.

You probably won’t struggle to pick it from different floors once you figure out which tool works the best for the particular surface.

Is The Dyson DC59 For You?

The Dyson DC59 Motorhead is meant for people who don’t have a full-sized vac and are looking for an all-around cleaner.

It’s lightweight, slim, and has powerful suction, which is probably all you’ll need to maintain your house clean. The combination of its features and specifications makes it unique and useful in different homes with or without pets.

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