DuoVac Air 10 Central Vacuum Review

Are you interested in getting a central vacuum system? These are quite an investment but are well worth it due to their ease of use and practicality.

If you’re tired of continually pulling bulky and heavy vacuums around your house, a central cleaning system might be the right decision. It’s slightly more expensive, but it’s much easier to handle in large homes.

One such a unit is the DuoVac Air 10 which stands out as one of the best central vacuum system. It’s a modern machine made to make your cleaning experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Take a moment to read about it in the article below as we discuss its features, benefits, and setbacks.

This Vacuum Is For:

  • Houses up to 6,500 sq ft – this one is among the best choices for you if your home is up to 6,500 sq ft in size. It has enough power and is convenient for such a large area, making your cleaning experience much easier.
  • Allergy-prone people – it has a double filtration system that’s ideal for people who suffer from certain allergies. Not only it picks up even the tiniest dust particles, but it also traps them inside the unit.
  • Versatile use – the DuoVac Air 10 can be used as a bagless or bagged unit depending on your needs and preferences.

This Vacuum Isn’t For:

  • People who often move houses – since this is a central vacuum, it cannot work as a standalone unit. For this reason, it’s not the most convenient option to carry with you each time you move.
  • If you’re renting – installing the DuoVac Air 10 requires some construction which might not be an option if you’re renting. You’ll have to make a few holes in the wall for this unit to work.
  • Who needs a quiet unit – much like all central vacuums, this one is somewhat loud.

Thanks to its double filtration system, the DuoVac Air 10 central vacuum is an ideal choice for households with pets, as well as allergy-prone people.


One of its main features is the double filtration system. It traps even the tiniest particles, making sure they stay within the unit. As such, the system is ideal for allergy-prone people and pet owners.

It features LED Status Instructions for easier use, so you won’t have an issue even if you never had a similar unit. On top of that, the vac has ergonomically designed handles with integrated latches for some added comfort and convenience.


When it comes to design, the Air 10 isn’t much different than other similar central vac units. This one might be a bit more compact than the most though the general design remains the same.

The high-end design allows for easier installation since it doesn’t take up much space. It’s made to be easy to install even if you don’t have as much storage at disposal.

The unit looks modern, thanks to the light grey color and black details.

Size & Dimensions

Right of the bat, you should note that this one is larger than most standalone vacuums. It’s typical for these units to be bigger, so make sure to have some space for it.

Still, this one is somewhat compact being tall only 22.5 inches. It also has 11.4 inches in diameter, so make sure that you have enough space for it.

Also, it weighs some 17 pounds, but that might not matter as much since you won’t be carrying it anywhere.


Being a central vacuuming unit, the Air 10 provides enough power and suction to tackle just about any cleaning task.

Its motor generates up to 694 air watts of suction and more than 137 CMFs. This should be enough to pick up dust, pet hair, dander, kibble, kitty litter, sand, rice, and other such pieces.

Keep in mind that its suction varies depending on how far away is the unit. In other words, you might notice suction loss if there’s a lot of hose between the head and the cleaner.

Accessories & Parts

Sadly, the DuoVac Air 10 doesn’t come with any attachments or accessories. It’s a single unit sold as such, so you don’t get any cleaner heads, hoses, extension poles, tools, and other such items.

Instead, you should buy these separately or use old ones if you have them. The unit is compatible with several different tools and accessories, so you might be able to use those you have left from your old cleaner.


This one comes with a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer. Though it sounds rather impressive, there are a few details you should pay attention to.

Not only the warranty is quite limited, but you’ll have to pay for labor costs after the first five years have passed. It also doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse, weather impact, neglect, and unauthorized repair.


The vacuum itself has enough power and suction to pick up different pieces. For this reason, you probably won’t struggle to clean different floors from carpets to bare surfaces.

However, its performance depends on how long your hose is. It also tends to vary depending on the attachments and tools you use for each type of floor.


If you use it on a carpeted area, you should find an adequate tool that won’t cause suction loss. In other words, make sure to have a brush roll or a beater that can help pick up the embedded dirt.

The unit should provide enough suction to clean even the thickest carpets. However, the longer the hose is, the weaker the suction will become as well.


The same goes for hardwood as well. You must have the right tools for this type of surface since it’s quite delicate in most cases. You need an accessory that won’t damage the floor or a brush you can shut off.

The cleaner can usually pick up different pieces and particles from hardwood and other bare floors with no problems. Still, its suction might weaken if you’re too far away from the actual unit.


Since this is a central vacuum system, there’s not much to say about maneuverability. It’s a stationary cleaner, so you won’t ever have to move it around as you use it.

However, you’ll need an additional hose and attachments to be able to work with it. Once you get that, you probably won’t struggle to get into all the nooks and crannies. For this reason, maneuverability as such mostly depends on the accessories you choose to pair with the unit.


When it comes to maintenance, there are a few things you should pay attention to. One of the most important aspects is the dust canister that requires regular emptying.

It also has filters you should wash in order to protect the motor and ensure peak performance. Luckily, the unit has a LED indicator that helps with maintenance as it tells you when filters or bags require your attention.


Though the manufacturer advertises the unit as a quiet one, its customers claim otherwise. However, it’s no surprise since most such models are somewhat loud.

Keep in mind that you might not hear it working if you install it in a basement or attic. It gets even quieter when you’re a few rooms away.

Cordless or Cord?

You could say that this is a corded unit although it’s stationary, so you won’t have much to do with its cord. Once you install it, you won’t have to pull or push it around, change power sockets and work with its cord in any way.

This is only one of the reasons why central vacuum systems are as convenient in large areas.

Bag or Bagless

This is a bagless unit since it features a dust canister you should empty regularly. However, its hybrid filtration system allows you to use an additional dust bag.

It’s one of the most convenient systems which also allows versatility and ease of use. Keep in mind that its canister has a capacity of 4.7 gallons and is easy to empty.


As we already mentioned, the DuoVac Air 10 comes with a hybrid filtration system allowing you to use optional dust bags and filters.

It features a washable filter that requires regular maintenance, but you can also use some disposable filters along with it. The manufacturer recommends you opt for a HEPA filter if you or someone in your household suffers from allergies.


Its suction is usually strong enough to pick up pet hair, dander, kibble, and other such messes. Still, it depends on the distance between your accessory of choice and the unit.

Kitty Litter

The Air 10 probably won’t struggle to pick up litter from area rugs and bare floors. However, make sure to have an adequate tool that won’t throw the pieces around.

Also, all the pieces must be dry since wet ones could damage your cleaner.

Pet Hair

Pet hair should also be relatively easy to deal with if you have the right tool. You might want to consider using the unit with a beater brush if you’re cleaning carpets.

Use a crevice tool and a dusting brush to clean pet hair from upholstery and other such areas.

Is the DuoVac Air 10 For You?

The DuoVac Air 10 is an impressive appliance that’s suitable for people who need an easy-to-use and powerful unit. It’s a great way of keeping your house cleaning without having to deal with a heavy and bulky unit.

It’s only a convenient option if you’re sure that you won’t move houses as soon.

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