Does Roomba Recognize Room Layout?

Roombas have been gaining more and more attention ever since they first came out. These cool tools are lots of fun to have around but are they really as convenient?

As time passed and Roomba gained more following, more and more questions emerged about how it works and is it really that practical.

Among the significant questions is whether a Roomba remembers room layout? Unfortunately, no one can say for sure if the vacuum can or cannot remember such a thing.

Their convenience lays in their ability to vacuum with minimal assistance on your part. This is also the main reason why people opt for these vacuums.

First and foremost, the features included usually depend on the model you’ve got. Older and cheaper models can’t do mapping, while new and more expensive models can. It’s also a matter of memory capabilities.

Remembering room layout would be quite practical, but can Roomba do it? Continue reading as we try our best to answer this crucial question.

How Does The Roomba Map a Room?

Mapping a room has several benefits that make the entire process of vacuuming even easier. The new technology brought all the change in how the new ones operate.

As we said, older models don’t have such abilities, while newer ones usually have several. It always depends on the kind of Roomba you have.

Newer models map out a room which helps them remember the layout after each time. Older models do use sensors to navigate around the room but cannot remember the layout for the next time you’re vacuuming.

This means that most new and more expensive models do remember room layout, while older versions don’t.

How do they do it? Continue reading as we discuss the several ways in which most new Roombas map and navigate rooms.

Mapping Features

Most have several features allowing them to map and navigate a room with high accuracy. As it’s always the case, newer and pricier models usually have better navigating and mapping abilities. Let’s take a quick look at some navigation and mapping features that the best models come with.

Infrared Receiver

Roombas first sent out infrared signals and then wait for them to return. This helps the device determine the size of the room along with where all the obstacles are and how much time it needs to clean it.


These object sensors help Roomba to maneuver around the obstacles. When it finds out, the vacuum will clean around it which is especially useful for rooms with lots of furniture. Newer and more expensive ones can even remember where the obstacles are.

Cliff Sensors

This navigation tool helps prevent the vacuum from falling off ledges or down the stairs. Again, new ones might remember where the cliffs are.

Wall Sensor

Most come with wall sensors that help them find walls and clean near them. Older versions might stray from the walls, while the newer ones clean along them.

Cleaning Paths

Advanced models have better cleaning paths. Some will move at random, in centric circles, or in snaking and other patterns. Best Roombas map the room and choose the best route.

How Do Virtual Wall Units Help?

Though the vacuum is smart and will do its job while you’re away, there are some things you need to set for it. Removing all small objects from the floor and telling it where it shouldn’t go are among the few things you must do.

Virtual wall units are a useful feature to keep your robot within some boundaries. The Roomba has a receiver on its bumper that picks up the infrared signals sent by the Virtual Wall. Once the robot picks this signal, it turns around and continues its work the other way.

This is useful if your rooms have lots of furniture and you don’t want the robot to keep bumping into it. Merely limit its movement to keep the robot away from the areas you don’t want to vacuum.


Though not all vacuums have the ability to remember room layout, some can do this. Nonetheless, each model has its own stand-out feature making cleaning easier for you.

Its beneficial on its own since it vacuums rooms for you, but most models still do need a bit of your assistance.

These are smart robot vacuums that can remember plenty of things and details about rooms. Naturally, the technology evolved with each newer model.

If you want a Roomba that can remember cliffs, layout, and different obstacles, you might need to invest in some of the newest models.

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