Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum Review

Are you tired of pushing bulky vacuums around the house? If so, you should check out the Bissell Zing Canister.

As its name implies, it’s a canister vacuum cleaner.

Though canister vacuums are generally considered old-school since upright and stick models came out, they’re still among the best and easiest to use.

Newer models, such as the Bissell Zing, feature innovative technologies and different tools to help you tackle different floors and types of dirt.

Continue reading to find out all the information that can help you figure out if this is the right vacuum for you.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you’ll clean large debris – it’s not the best choice for larger debris such as cereal. Pet hair, as well as particles like rice and kitty litter might go through, but cereal is too large.
  • If you have a large house – the length of its power cord is somewhat short which tends to be quite annoying if you have a large house since you’ll probably have to unplug/plug the vac a few times.
  • If you want locking tools – accessories push together and don’t feature a twist-and-lock system that would ensure that they stay on. As a result, they might fall off when used on carpets.

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Among its most important feature is the Multi-Surface function. It helps the vac go from bare floors to carpets with just a flip of a switch.

Another thing worth noting is the automatic power cord rewind. This seemingly unimportant feature is actually quite convenient, especially if you struggle with storage space. It makes the vac easier to store away neatly instead of having the cord thrown around.


It’s a canister vacuum cleaner, so expect the old-school type of look. It’s made of a canister/motor part that you pull after you, flexible hose, extension pole, cleaner head, and power cord.

It also has two large wheels at the back of the canister and a handle on top of it. It’s not as bulky as canister vacuums used to be back in the day. Quite contrary, Bissell designed Zing to be convenient, simple, and easy to use.

Size & Dimensions

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s more compact than most canisters on the market. It measures 16.25×10.9×11.75 inches in total while weighing some 6.2 pounds.

Though the dimensions, as well as weight, seem like a lot, the design of this bagless canister vacuum cleaner makes them easy to work with. If it were an upright with these dimensions, it wouldn’t have been as easy to use.

Since it’s a canister, and you’ll be pulling it on its large wheels, you probably won’t feel the 6.2 pounds being too much to handle.


To improve its suction, Bissell included cyclonic suction and a triple filtration system. This type of suction allows the canister vacuum to store more debris and dirt while separating them as they enter the dirt bin.

The system provides fade-free suction that remains at its highest power at all times. If you notice its power fading, it might be due to some type of clogging. To avoid this, check its extension hose and other parts regularly.

Accessories & Parts

Canisters aren’t known for having many accessories, and this one is no different. It comes with a Multi-Surface cleaning head with manual height adjustment function.

It also features the extension wand which gives you more reach and makes it easy to clean above the floor as well. There’s also the flexible hose measuring 4ft 8in which connects the extension wand with the base.

Finally, this bagless vacuum features a dusting/crevice tool for smaller areas that are a bit tricky to reach with larger tools.


Bissell covers the unit with its one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. In other words, it covers defective and malfunctioning parts. However, it doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse, unauthorized repairs, neglect, and abuse. The warranty also doesn’t apply to belts, brushes, and filters.


Bissell Zing vacuum can tackle almost any surface, so it’s suitable for combined floors. Its performance might vary depending on the surface you’re working on, but generally, you shouldn’t struggle with using it on bare floors or carpets.


While its suction is strong enough to clean carpets, you might struggle with the way its accessories attach. High-pile rugs might cause the attachments to fall off unless you’re working slowly.

Other than that, you shouldn’t have any issues picking up different debris and dirt off of various carpets. Low-pile and are rugs are always easier to work with, but even thicker carpets shouldn’t cause any major trouble depending on the type of dirt you’re cleaning.


Hardwood is typically easy to work on as long as you’re not using motorized tools. The Zing features no such tools, so it’s safe for hardwood. However, you’ll have to adjust the cleaner head whenever you go from carpets to bare floors.

One thing you should be careful with are its plastic wheels as they could wear out with time and potentially scratch the delicate surface of hardwood.

You won’t struggle with maneuverability when it comes to Bissell Zing, given that it features two large wheels for mobility.


For maneuverability, Bissell added two large wheels to help you pull the vac around. It weighs 6.2 pounds, so you might not enjoy carrying it as much, but the handle at the top makes that as easy as possible.

The flexible hose allows some added maneuverability as well, especially when it comes to going around furniture and different obstacles. The extension pole makes it easy to reach areas that are further away and otherwise tricky to reach.


Though maintenance is simple, you should pay attention to certain areas from time to time. You should change both its filters after about a year of use. Still, you’ll maybe have to do it sooner or later, depending on how often you use the vac.

Also, make sure to empty the dust bin into the trash. Though you can do this after each time, it’s unlikely you’ll need to do it as frequently.


This one is somewhat average when it comes to noise it produces. It’s not completely quiet, but it’s also not too loud to endure even during extended cleaning sessions. For reference, it makes about as much noise as an average hairdryer.

Cordless or Cord?

Bissell Zing is a corded unit that features 15ft of power cord. Though that’s not a lot, it also has an extension wand and a flexible hose that add to its overall reach.

The unit also has automatic power cord rewind, making the storage easier and neater.

Bag or Bagless?

This one is a bagless canister, meaning it has a dust canister instead of the conventional bag. Not only this is more eco-friendly and cost-effective, but it’s also easier to use.

The canister has a “Full” line which alerts you when it reached its maximum capacity and requires emptying.


It comes with three-stage filtration containing dirt cup filters and the post-motor filter. The system is useful in trapping even the tiniest particles and allergens. Remember that all its filters are washable and reusable for at least a year depending on how often you use the unit.


Having pets means constantly dealing with pet hair, kibble, litter, and other such messes on different floors. When it comes to the Bissell Zing, you should know that it does a relatively good option for cleaning after pets.

Kitty Litter

Picking up kitty litter, as well as pet hair, shouldn’t be a problem for this bagless vacuum. Picking them up from carpets is easier, but since litter boxer are usually on bare floors, the process might take a while longer. Still, its suction is strong enough for this type of job, as long as the particles aren’t larger than cereal, for example.

Pet Hair

Vacuuming pet hair is relatively easy for this bagless canister to handle, regardless of the floor surface. High-pile carpets might be trickier to clean than low-piles ones, but with height adjustment, it can be done.

The ease of the process depends on the type of pet hair as well. Longer hairs might tangle in the cleaner head bristles, while shorter pet hair is trickier to remove from furniture and upholstery.

If you’re looking for more options, we encourage you to check out our latest reviews on canister vacuums for pet hair.

Additional Options/Information

Additional information worth noting is the featured air flow regulator. It allows you to control its suction for when you need more or less power on certain surfaces.

Is The Bissell Zing Canister For You?

The Zing bagless vacuum is Bissell’s innovative take on old-school canister vacuums. It looks similar by design, but its performance shows that the unit is much more than that.

If you want a maneuverable bagless canister that’s easy to use and has a large dust cup capacity, you should give the Zing a chance. It’s among the most popular canisters on the market due to its versatility and convenience.

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