Our Bissell Symphony vs. Crosswave Vacuum Cleaners for 2020

Do you have a home with mixed flooring?

If so, you’re probably aware of how troublesome it can be to keep hardwood floor looking its best, all while not neglecting the carpet.

Bissell excels when it comes to producing combo units that are tailor-made for both wet and dry messes. With the CrossWave and the Symphony, we’ll walk you through a pair of hard-hitting Bissell vacuums that can clean your floors as well as sucking up the debris.

Sure, you can get yourself a steam mop to sit alongside your regular vacuum. But, if you want to get everything done with one nifty unit, then continue reading our reviews on the Symphony vs. the Crosswave.

Comparison Model Guide: Bissell CrossWave vs Symphony


The CrossWave 1785A comes in a number of options, including the Pet Pro finished in a bright purple and other models in a striking green-yellow.

Looking like a cross between an upright and a regular mop, this is a unit designed to be stored with ease and to look great when you’re wielding it.

The Symphony 1543A has a narrower body and a purple colorway and resembles a classic upright vacuum.

Both models are aesthetically pleasing, and you should never base your buying decision on looks alone.


The basic floor and carpet cleaner weighs just 11 pounds, so you get a great deal of performance without being saddled with a bulky vacuum.

The steam mop tips the scales at 10.6 pounds. Certainly, it’s a slightly heavier model, but it’s so negligible as to be almost unnoticeable.

With either of these cleaning machines, you’ll get a lightweight appliance you can move around for long periods without getting tired.


Bissell rolls out the 1785A Pet Pro and all variants of the 1543A in its trademark purple. The main body is a subtle dark gray so these vacuums are understated classics.

If you’re looking for a splash of color to brighten up your cleaning duties, the CrossWave comes in a luminous green-yellow.


The CrossWave measures up at 10.5 x 12 x 46 inches, so it’s an extremely streamlined model.

The Symphony all in one comes in at 9.8 x 11 x 46 inches, making it a touch smaller as well as a pound or so lighter.

Whichever model you opt for, you’ll get a compact and highly maneuverable vacuum that you can store in even limited spaces fuss-free.

Wood Floor Brush

Hardwood floors can be demanding when looking pristine.

While there are various methods of efficiently cleaning bare floors, there’s no substitute for a wood floor brush.

Both of these Bissells allow you to clean your hardwood floors as well as just brushing up the debris. So, you’ll end up with an even more effective cleaning solution without needing separate appliances.

The 1785A works better with smaller messes on hardwood while the 1543A gives your wooden flooring a thorough and deep clean.

Steam Mop

If you’re looking for a dedicated steam mop, the 1543A is the obvious choice.

Whether you want to clean hardwood, marble, stone, ceramic, vinyl, or carpet, the Bissell allows you to move effortlessly between surfaces. You can also switch from a straight-up vacuum to a steam mop, making this a highly versatile appliance.

You’ve got 2 steam modes so you can attack light or heavier messes with the appropriate degree of force.

Emptying the tank is hands-free and super-simple, so you can ditch all the wet and dry debris into the trash without needing to clean up after cleaning up.


Based on our reviews, both of these Bissell models are incredibly powerful performers.

Since the bulkier unit has a brush roll, you’ll get all the grunt you need for shifting even stubborn stains from the fibers of your carpet.

Without a beater bar, the 1543A is more limited to bare flooring.

Since power forms only part of the equation when you’re buying, it pays to consider the type of surfaces you’ll expect to be cleaning most often rather than focusing purely on which unit is the strongest.

We would also argue that the steaming function on the cheaper unit more than makes up for a slightly lesser output.

After all, what counts with cleaning is leaving the surfaces spotless. Both of these Bissell cleaners do an admirable job in this regard.

Pet Hair Removal

Do you have pets at home?

If so, you probably find cleaning up after them is hard work. Hair and dander seem to get absolutely everywhere. Cats and dogs also have a habit of knocking things over and creating mayhem for you to clean up.

According to what we’ve reviewed, the CrossWave is not your smartest option if you have multiple pets and need to suck up plenty of hair. Hair tends to get tangled around the brushroll so, unless you clean it regularly, you’ll end up with diminished suction and a potentially clogged-up vac.

The Symphony all in one, on the other hand, comes with a pair of microfiber pads. Thus making this a better option for vacuuming pet hair. The finer dust and pet hair is attracted to the hot pad so you can make sure your hardwood floors are not just gleaming but hair-free too.

Which Should You Buy?

Choosing a vacuum is very much a matter of personal preference and intended usage. However, the Symphony comes in at a very attractive price, so it’s hard to justify digging much deeper for the alternative.

That said, if you have lots of carpets in your home, the CrossWave makes a smarter choice with its powerful brushroll giving you much more scope for deep-cleaning.

Pet-owners should opt for the 1543A as it eliminates everything your animals leave behind. This model also works better if you know you’ll be cleaning up lots of larger messes.

  • Choose the CrossWave: For pet-free homes with mixed flooring and lighter cleaning duties.
  • Choose the Symphony: If you have animals at home, and predominantly hardwood floors attracting lots of debris.

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