Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 Review

Are you looking for a new and improved upright vacuum? If so, you should check out this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum.

It’s among the best models from the brand’s popular Powerforce Helix series. This one is a new and improved version of the 1700 model you may have used before.

This bagless upright vacuum features new technologies that make this Bissell Powerforce Helix bagless unit more convenient and efficient than the previous version. As such, it’s also more versatile and suitable for different cleaning tasks.

Take a minute to read the information below as we cover its features and specifications as well as how it performs on certain floor surfaces.

This Vacuum is For You:

  • If you like uprights – this bagless upright vacuum is a model that comes with all the benefits you’d expect from such a model. It has the convenience and ease of use that’s usual for uprights.
  • If you want a lightweight unit – this one weighs some 13 pounds which is relatively lightweight for an upright vacuum. Its weight helps the mobility and maneuverability since the vac isn’t as heavy to push and pull around.
  • If you want a versatile cleaner – this Bissell Powerforce model is quite versatile since it comes with several attachments and accessories as well as five height adjustment settings.

This Vacuum isn’t For You:

  • If you need a compact unit – this one, though it weighs less than average, is quite large. Much like most uprights, it’s big and somewhat bulky. This tends to make storage tricky, although it doesn’t affect its efficiency as much.
  • If you have shag rugs – though this bagless upright vacuum has powerful suction, many people claim it’s not powerful enough to clean shag rugs.
  • If you have hard-to-reach areas – this Bissell Powerforce Helix bagless does provide extended reach like some previous models. Though it comes with a stretch hose, it’s not as long to reach very far with it.

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What seems to be its most significant feature is the Helix System that allows stronger suction than with previous models. It’s a system unique to the entire line of these products, so you can also find it featured in other Bissell Powerforce Helix vacs, including this Helix bagless upright vacuum.

It also features a wide cleaning path that makes it easier to clean larger areas in less time. On top of that, this Helix bagless upright vacuum is a model that has a relatively large dust bin.

Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 is an ergonomically designed model, which means that the focus is on mobility and comforability of use.


When it comes to design, you’ll notice how attractive and modern-looking the vacuum is. Bissell does a great job at designing beautiful vacuum cleaners, and this one is no exception.

It has an ergonomically designed handle that provides easier mobility and more comfortable carrying from one place to another. The entire body of this cleaner was made to ensure hassle-free use regardless of the floor surface.

All the uprights in this line look somewhat the same, differing only in colors. This one is mainly black with a few pops of color in bright blue.

Size & Dimensions

As we said, it’s a big vac, so you’ll need quite some space for storing. Its size might also make it impossible to clean under some furniture pieces, but that depends on the pieces themselves.

It measures approximately 9.50×14.25×32 inches in total while weighing around 13 pounds. Though this sounds like a lot, it’s ideal for cleaning large areas with. The wide cleaning path allows you to clean more on the initial pass so your cleaning sessions no longer last as long.


When it comes to suction, you should know the surfaces it can work on. The vac is meant for bare floors, rugs and low-pile carpets, but isn’t as efficient on thick carpets with long fibers.

Its suction is powered by the unique Helix System we already mentioned. It captures debris and dirt using internal ribs that help this Bissell Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum work more effectively and for a longer time.

Sadly, it doesn’t have variable suction control, which is why the quality of its performance might vary.

Accessories & Parts

This Bissell Powerforce bagless upright vacuum comes with a few attachments that allow more versatile use. With the vac comes the dusting brush and crevice tool. You also get an extension wand and a hose that’s about 5ft long when stretched.

Much like all uprights, it has a cleaner head/brush at the bottom, canister in the middle and a handle on top. The hose that it comes with wraps around the unit for easier storage.


Bissell offers a two-year warranty on this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum. The deal is quite limited as it only covers original defects in materials and craftsmanship. It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse, neglect, or unauthorized repair.

It also doesn’t cover any units that were used in commercial use.


It’s always important to check if the unit of your choice can clean the floor surfaces you have. This one has two rotating brushes that can’t be switched off. Though it’s an efficient tool, it might be tricky to use on some surfaces such as shag rugs.


You should be able to clean different kinds of carpets with this bagless upright vacuum. It has powerful suction and efficient cleaner brushes, so it’s able to pick up various debris and dirt embedded in your carpets.

However, it doesn’t perform as well on thick and deep-pile carpets. Those usually have longer fibers which tend to get stuck in these brushes. Also, its suction power might not be enough to suck the dirt out of these carpets.


When it comes to hardwood, you should note that its suction power is sufficiently strong for the job. However, the vac doesn’t feature an option to turn off the two rotating brushes. As a result, the two might damage the delicate hardwood floor finish. If anything, there are other vacuums that’s better for hardwood floors.

Other bare floors are relatively simple to clean with this vac depending on the type of dirt. Plus, it comes with a soft bumper so it won’t damage the edges near the walls.


Though swivel steering is widely featured in Bissell products, this one doesn’t have such a feature. You might struggle to maneuver with it at first, but after some getting used to, you should have no problems.

The cleaner is as bulky as most uprights, so its access underneath most furniture is quite limited. None the less, it has a stretch hose that might help the matter a little.

Overall, this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum is relatively lightweight for what it is, so using it on thin carpets and bare floors is also easy.


For maintenance, you should clean its filters regularly and make sure to empty the dust bin as often as needed.

Its multi-level filtration system includes washable filters that are easy to remove. Rinsing them from time to time ensures continuous and fade-free suction.

Also, the canister of this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum is hassle-free to maintain since it’s see-through and you can tell when it’s time to empty it.


Though there’s no official information on its noise level, most people are pleased with how quiet it is. The unit doesn’t make the usual vacuuming noise, so it won’t disturb your household and next-door neighbors like old-school vacs used to.

Cordless or Cord?

The Powerforce Helix 2191 is a corded vacuum cleaner that comes with a 23-foot long power cord. Such long cable provides extended reach and improved mobility since you won’t have to change sockets as often.

However, it doesn’t have a cord rewind function, so you’ll have to wrap it up for storage yourself.

Bag or Bagless?

As we already mentioned, this is a bagless design that comes with a dust bin. Its dirt cup capacity is 1L, which is considered an average size for upright vacuums.

The bin is transparent, and though this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum doesn’t have a light indicator, you’ll be able to tell when it’s time to empty it.


This one has the Bissell’s well-known multi-level filtration system also featured with other Powerforce Helix products.

The system includes several washable filters that lower the overall maintenance cost since they don’t require replacement. All the filters are easy to remove and wash.


Pet owners often struggle with the different mess their pets make. Can this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum tackle the hair and other dirt and debris your pet might leave behind?

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is usually heavy for most vacuums, which is also the case for this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum. This one might not pick up litter if the pieces are large.

If you place the litter box on a bare floor, you might be able to pick it up once you set the height adjustment.

Pet Hair

The 2191 vac does a good job at cleaning pet hair from floors and upholstery thanks to its several tools and height adjustment. Though some hairs are easier to clean than others, most will end in the canister thanks to the unique Helix System.

Is The Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 For You?

If you’re looking for a full-sized vac that does a good job at cleaning different floors, the Bissel Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum might be the right choice for you.

It’s easy to use and has a few useful accessories that make the cleaning process easier and less daunting. Although it lacks a few efficient features that the other Helix models have, this one is a great value vacuum that requires minimal maintenance.

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