Bissell Multi 1985 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review

Can your full-size vac get to all the hard-to-reach areas? Most can’t, so these areas are often left dirty and messy.

If you’re looking for a small unit to clean different nooks and crannies of your house and car, you might want to check out the Bissell Multi 1985 Cordless Handheld vacuum.

This handheld unit is lightweight and compact, so you can use it for even the smallest cleaning tasks. Due to its size, the Multi 1985 is ideal for spot-cleaning.

We’ve reviewed the vacuum, so you can read all about its features and specifications in the article below.

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This Vacuum is For:

  • Car interior maintenance – the Multi 1985 is a small unit that’s easy to use in tight areas. It comes with a set of small tools and accessories that make it ideal for cleaning car interior at home.
  • Spot-cleaning – if you have pets or children, you probably struggle with small messes throughout each day. This is where this handheld truly shines as it’s compact and ideal for quick cleanups.
  • Different surfaces – you can use it to clean hardwood, tile, carpets, upholstery and other such floor and above-floor surfaces.

This Vacuum Isn’t For:

  • Long hair – if you need a vacuum cleaner to pick up long hair, then this one might not be the best choice. It tends to clog with long hairs regardless of whether it’s pet or human hair.
  • Large dirt pieces – its crevice tool is quite narrow, and while this is convenient in some cases, it’s a bit too narrow for most tasks. Anything larger than dust and sand might not go through.
  • Allergy-prone people – emptying the canister of this Bissell model is a bit tricky.


The Multi 1985 comes with a motorized brush roll that’s ideal for upholstery and carpeted areas. It’s good at picking up even the most embedded dirt from these surfaces.

It also features LED lighting for visibility and ease of use in low-light areas. This comes in handy when you’re cleaning your car interior since those areas tend to be a bit dark.

Another few features worth mentioning are the ergonomic handle, easy-to-empty dust bin and onboard accessory storage.


Much like all Bissell vacuums, this one stands out for its modern design. It’s mainly black with a few red details, so it’s quite attractive.

The unit is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and easy to use. It’s also lightweight and has Comfort Soft Grips for more comfort during extended use.

Such sleek design enhances its versatility and convenience, allowing you to use the vac in different areas and conditions.

Size & Dimensions

Being that this is a handheld vacuum cleaner, it’s small and compact. For this reason, you probably won’t have issues storing it away even if you usually struggle with storage space.

The unit measures 5.4x10x14.6 inches in total while it weighs some 3.9 pounds. It’s among the most lightweight units on the market, which means you won’t feel sore after using it. The unit remains lightweight even when its dirt cup is full.


The Multi 1985 has powerful suction that doesn’t fade as the battery life ends. It’s a constant flow, so you can use the cleaner until the last second of its battery.

On top of that, its crevice tool does a great job of focusing the suction, making it easier to clean tight areas. It’s strong enough to pick up dust, sand, dirt, hairs and other such particles from floors, carpets, and upholstery.

Accessories & Parts

The cleaner comes with a motorized brush that’s ideal for embedded dirt. It also features a dusting brush, crevice tool, extension wand, and an extension hose. Some of the included attachments you can store onboard for easier use.

Keeping these accessories at hand is quite convenient since you won’t have to look for them in mid-process. Keep in mind that detaching some of these tools is a bit tricky and takes some learning.


This one comes with a two-year warranty deal from the manufacturer. It’s a limited warranty, so it only covers damage caused by faulty materials and manufacturing. It doesn’t cover damage due to misuse, neglect, unauthorized repair, poor maintenance, and other such situations.


The first thing you should remember is that this isn’t a full-sized vac, so you shouldn’t expect it to work as such. It can pick up different dirt and dust from various types of floors, but it’s not meant to clean the entire surface.

In other words, this handheld is meant for spot cleaning and quick cleanups.


It has enough suction power to pick up even the most embedded dirt from different types of carpets. However, keep in mind that you can’t do much with it because its battery life is quite limited. For this reason, you’ll probably only use it for spot cleaning.

Still, it can tackle dirt in thick carpets, area rugs, and various mats.


The things are pretty similar when it comes to cleaning hardwood. Its attachments and accessories do a great job of picking up various types of dirt from hardwood and other bare floors.

However, you might want to avoid using its motorized brush roll. It’s rather gentle, but it might damage the delicate floor, so you should be careful.

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Maneuverability is pretty simple since this is a handheld vacuum. Its weight also helps with maneuverability allowing single-hand operation. On top of that, its ergonomic design and convenient accessories make it easy to use in different areas.

It’s a rather small unit with narrow attachments, so you won’t have any issues cleaning all the nooks and crannies in your home and car interior.


The only maintenance it requires is with dust cup and filter. Its filter is washable though you won’t have to wash it as often. In most cases, you can just tap it clean. It’s washable and will last you a long time before you’ll finally have to replace it altogether.

The dust cup, however, requires frequent emptying. This is something you’ll probably have to do after each use so that the unit is ready for the next time you need it.


Its noise level is somewhat average and depends on what kind of tool you’re using. In other words, it’s pretty loud when you use the crevice tool because it’s narrower than other attachments.

Still, the noise level isn’t too high to handle, so you probably won’t be bothered by it. If you are bothered by noise, then check out our silent vacuums guide.

Battery (Charge Time)

This one comes with a 22V Lithium-ion battery that lasts some 15 minutes on a single charge. It’s a removable battery you can replace after some time if you notice suction loss.

Another important thing to note is battery overcharge protection. This ensures safety for when you leave the battery charging for longer than needed.

Cordless or Cord?

Since it’s a battery-operated unit, it doesn’t require a power cable. It’s completely cordless which gives you a certain freedom of not having to change sockets. Also, it’s much easier to use for car interior cleaning since no cables are in your way.

However, it’s as limiting as it’s convenient since you only have approximately fifteen minutes to use it.

Bag or Bagless?

This one is bagless and comes with a dust cup that’s relatively easy to empty. Some consider its dust cup to be rather small, but that’s expected since it’s a small unit as well.

It can hold quite some dirt, so you probably won’t have to empty it during those fifteen minutes the battery lasts.


As we mentioned, Multi 1985 has a single filter. It’s not a HEPA, but it’s washable, and you can get several years of use from it.

It’s a thick foam filter that you can remove and tap the dirt from. You should give it a quick rinse from time to time when you notice suction loss.


All pets know how to make a mess, so it’s good to have a convenient unit to use for spot-cleaning. The Multi 1985 is ideal for picking up different dirt, hair, dander, and other such particles pets leave behind.

Kitty Litter

This Bissell is ideal to use for cleaning around the litter box as often as every day. If your cat always makes a mess and you need a vac to pick it up quickly, you might want to consider this one.

Keep in mind that it can only pick up smaller pieces. Larger ones probably won’t go through some of the attachments.

Pet Hair

Pet hair is easy to clean with this Bissell vac. It works well on all floors and above-floor surfaces as long as the hairs are relatively short. Long hairs might get stuck in some of the attachments which could cause clogging and loss of suction.

Is the Bissell Multi 1985 For You?

This one might be the best for you if you hate using your full-sized vac for everyday messes. If you have children or pets, you probably know what we’re talking about.

Plus, it’s among the best choices for car interior cleaning. It’s a small and lightweight unit that has LED lights and is perfect for cleaning all the tight areas of your car interior.

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