The Best Vacuum For Cat Litter in 2021

Does your cat love scattering litter? If so, you’re not alone since most cats love doing this, leaving their humans with quite a mess to deal with.

Sadly, not every vacuum can pick this up since litter is made up of small clay pieces that could damage its mechanical parts.

If this is an ongoing issue in your house, you should consider a vacuum specifically made for cat litter. We reviewed the best ones and included a little buyer’s guide to help you pick.

And if you’re short on time, here are top 5 picks:

Product NameWeightCord LengthFeatures
Dirt Devil UD70355B13 lbsN/ATURBOCLAW™ Pet Tool
Bissell 9595a15.1 lbs25 ftOnePass Technology
Bissell 20332.6 lbs15 ftVersatile Cleaning - 3 in 1
Bissell PowerGlide Bagless Vacuum Cleaner17.2 lbs27 ftSmartSeal Allergen System
Bissell Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless4.54 lbsN/ATriple Level Filtration
Shark Rocket HV3829.9 lbs30 ftDuoClean Technology
Eureka NES2103.97 lbs18 ftRemoveable Dust Cup
Bissell Pet Hair 33A14.2 lbs16 ftMulti-Level filtration
Coredy Vacuum9 lbsN/ADual Anti-Collision System

Cat Litter Vacuum Reviews

Dirt Devil UD70355B

(Best Upright Vacuum for Cat Litter)

This Dirt Devil vacuum has a turbo tool and consistent suction power allowing you to pick up everything on its way, including pet hair, dirt, and cat litter around the litter box. It also comes with 2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool as well as a powered upholstery/stair tool.

The Spin4Pro Premium Pet Brushroll is specially designed to pick up and remove pet hair on hard and carpeted floors. It cleans everything from dust, dirt, particles, allergens, pollen, pet hair, cat litter, kibble, and other small items.

This upright vacuum features a three-stage filtration system with excellent performance for effective and deep cleaning. The vacuum includes a washable pleated filter and foam sleeve that trap all the fine dust and debris. The technology of this upright keeps your home clean while maintaining suction at all times.

It’s a low-profile upright vacuum with swivel steering, so you’ll find it easy to maneuver around the furniture as well as your cat’s litter box.

Photo of Dirt Devil UD70355B


  • Cleaning Path: 12 in
  • Cleaning Reach: 10 ft
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • TURBOCLAW™ Pet Tool


  • 10ft extended hose
  • Multi-floor performance
  • Efficient filtration


  • Not balanced well

Bissell 9595a

(Strongest Suction for Deep Cleaning)

As always, Bissell offers great suction in an upright lightweight vacuum. The combination of its features and specifications make this among the best units to tackle dirt particles, pet hair, and cat litter among other messes.

The 9595a upright vacuum has an innovative brush that rotates down into your carpet. This means you don’t have to leave the litter box on a hard floor anymore since the 9595a will pick it up from any surface. Add a powerful Cyclonic System to it, and you get long-lasting suction.

This upright also comes with a TurboBrush that’s ideal for upholstery, furniture, stairs, and other above-floor surfaces. The Bissell 9595a has an easy-to-empty dirt tank and multi-level filtration. It comes with a detailed user manual which you should definitely refer to for info on how to wash the filters.

The upright weighs about 15 pounds, has a dirt tank of 2L and a hose that’s 25ft long.

Visit our 9595a guide to learn more about its features.

Photo of Bissell 9595a


  • Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Dirt tank capacity: 2.0L
  • Brush roll type: OnePass
  • Weight: 15.1 lbs


  • Powerful suction
  • Washable foam filter
  • OnePass Technology


  • The on/off switch is at the bottom

Bissell 2033

(Lightweight Option for Easy Maneuverability)

If you have to vacuum every day, then you’re probably looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner. If so, you should check out the Bissell 2033 as one of the best and lightest options on the market.

This simple yet powerful stick vacuum weighs only 2.6 pounds which also makes it simple to use, as well as to store away.

This convenient appliance has powerful suction which makes it suitable for quick pick-ups of different debris, dirt, hair, and pieces around the litter box, as well as the entire house. It’s effective against cat litter, kibble, sand, dirt, pet hair, etc.

Plus, this is a 3-in-1 cleaner that works as a handle, stick vacuum, and stair vacuum all in one. This provides supreme versatility and ease of use at all times.

Photo of Bissell 2033


  • Cord length: 15 ft
  • Filtration: Standard
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs


  • Multi-purpose
  • Comes with a crevice tool and floor nozzle
  • Featherweight


  • The power cord is only 15ft

Bissell PowerGlide Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

(Best Option for Allergy Sufferers)

If you’re looking for an efficient and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner, you should check out the PowerGlide upright vacuum. This upright is one of the best vacuums for dry food, hair, and cat litter on the floor. The triple-action brush roll picks up and removes hair and embedded dirt.

This bagless vacuum has a cleaning path of 12.5 inches while working on area rugs, carpets, bare floors, sealed hard floors, pet beds, low pile carpets, upholstery, stairs, as well as around the litter box. Its smart seal allergen system captures allergens inside while also eliminating pet odors.

Another thing worth mentioning about this upright vacuum is its edge-to-edge cleaning with suction channel technology. The suction is constant, so there’s no loss of power even after a few years of use.

The stretch hose and tools included provide an extended cleaning reach to tackle stairs, furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Photo of Bissell PowerGlide Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Cord Length: 27 ft
  • Brush roll type: Triple action
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Cleaning path width: 12.5 inches


  • Comfortable handle
  • 27ft power cord
  • Tangle-free Technology


  • Heavy

Bissell Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless

(Our Top Handheld Pick for Cat Litter)

The Bissell Eraser handheld vacuum is powerful, lightweight and easy to use at all times whenever you have smaller piles of different dirt.

This handheld vacuum works on litter, hair, and other embedded dirt thanks to its lithium-ion battery and motorized brush tool. The 14V lithium-ion battery of this cat litter vacuum lasts for about 17 minutes on a full charge.

We also noticed that this handheld vacuum works great on hardwood, low pile carpets, and tile floors.

The dirt bin of this vacuum is easy to empty and has a capacity of 0.7 liters. Plus, the handheld vacuum comes with specialized pet tools such as upholstery, crevice and motorized brush tools.

One thing to note, if you’re a pet lover, then Bissell will donate $5 for each pet hair eraser purchased.

Photo of Bissell Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless


  • Battery Voltage 14.4V
  • Battery Type Lithium Ion
  • Weight: 4.54 lbs
  • Dirt Cup Capacity: 0.7 Litres


  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with specialized pet tools


  • It takes 8 hours to recharge

Shark Rocket HV382

If you’ve been searching for a vacuum for a while, you’ve probably heard of Shark Rocket HV382. It’s among the brand’s best vacuum models, and for a reason. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to use and also quite powerful.

It features the DuoClean Technology with a bristle brush that deep cleans carpets. On top of that, you get a soft brush roll as well to tackle larger particles and leave the floors with a polished look.

Apart from being lightweight, it also converts into a 46lbs handheld vacuum cleaner. This allows above-floor cleaning as well, dealing with smaller piles of dirt on your bare floors, carpets, and around the litter box. This vacuum tackles cat litter equally as well when converted as when it’s used as an upright.

The Shark HV382 vacuum also comes with a Pet Multi-Tool that cleans pet hair on all surfaces.

Photo of Shark Rocket HV382


  • Cord length: 30 ft
  • Dust cup capacity (quarts): 0.91
  • Amps 4.2
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs


  • LED nozzle
  • Convertible into handheld vacuum
  • Comes with a mall mount


  • Emptying the bin is a bit messy

Eureka NES210

Eureka NES210 is another one of the best pet vacuum cleaners on the market. This upright tackles cat litter, and it’s also quite effective for cleaning hair. It’s a 3-in-1 design featuring a crevice tool for reaching tricky areas.

The upright vacuum weighs only 4 pounds and has swivel steering so that you won’t have issues maneuvering the vacuum around and behind the furniture throughout your house. Plus, the capture nozzle of this vacuum is ideal for larger debris, so that’s the one you want for cat litter. The vacuum picks the pieces up from carpets, bare floors, area rugs, and other surfaces.

The 2 amp motor of this upright is powerful and efficient in picking up even the tiniest particles such as pollen. Plus, the filtration system of the NES210 keeps all the captured dirt within the unit while improving air quality.

Photo of Eureka NS210


  • Cord Length: 18 ft
  • Dust cap: 0.55 L
  • Cleaning path: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.97 lbs


  • X-Large dust cup
  • Washable filtration system
  • Lightweight


  • Not the best for hair on dense carpets

Bissell Pet Hair 33A1

If you’re looking for a convenient vacuum cleaner that’s quick and easy to use, you should check out the Bissell Pet Hair 33A1. The vacuum is great for cleaning stairs, upholstery, car interiors, and different small piles of mess in your home.

The Bissell Pet Hair 33A1 vacuum features multi-layer filtration and the well-known Cyclonic cleaning system. The combination of the two allows supreme suction, efficient cleaning, and improved air quality.

It comes with a 16ft power cord and a dirt cup capacity of 0.78L. This might not sound like much, but it’s actually more than enough since this is a small vacuum meant for cleaning small messes. It’s a great addition to your full-size vacuum that might not be the best choice for daily kitty litter cleaning.

Photo of Bissell Pet Hair 33A1


  • Cord Length: 16 ft.
  • Multi-Level Filtration
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Dirt Cup Capacity: 0.78 L


  • Comes with a rubber nozzle
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Multi-layer filtration


  • Replacement filters are a bit pricey

Coredy Vacuum

If you don’t have as much time to clean, or you want something a little hands-off, then you might want to consider a robot vacuum. This 2.7’’ thin robot includes a three-point cleaning system along with dual-edge brushes for convenient cleaning even close to the walls.

It comes with remote control and five selective cleaning modes allowing you to choose depending on the surface it’s on. The best thing is that it has dual-hall sensors that detect boundary strips. This allows you to keep the robot vacuum within the area you want to be cleaned and away from those you don’t.

The vacuum allows you to increase the suction power to the max 1400pa in case your floors are dirtier than usual. Also, it’s super quiet, and you get about 120 minutes of run time.

The vacuum returns and charges on its own and without your assistance.


  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • 1400pa super power vacuuming strength
  • Improved Smart Protection


  • Pressure-sensitive soft bumper
  • Remote control


  • It’s a bit heavy

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking into purchasing a vacuum, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Some regular cleaners can tackle this type of task, but some cannot, so you have to be careful.

Cat litter is dangerous and can severely damage certain components of your appliance. For this reason, you have to make sure the vacuum you chose can survive the clay particles.

If you can, you might want to opt for a vacuum that keeps air separated from dirt. A bypass flow motor does this, and as a result, you get cleaner air throughout your house. Most cyclonic cleaning systems use this type of motor while ensuring strong suction for years to come.

Also, make sure the vacuum you buy is compatible with the floors you have. If you have bare floors, you probably won’t need something that can vacuum thick carpets, and vice versa.

However, cat litter can be a nightmare when trapped in thick carpets. For this reason, either keep the cat litter box on a smooth surface or get a vacuum that can extract the particles with ease. If you have mixed floor surfaces in your home, the best choice would be a vacuum with multi-height settings and different floor attachments, such as the crevice tool. For me, I consider these types as one of the best vacuums for cat litter.

What Features to Look for?

Much like all other vacuum cleaners, these come with several features that may or may not be essential for picking up cat litter. While some features are a nice plus, others are a must if you want to keep your floors clean from the clay pieces.


Durability usually comes at a price, so consider if you’re ready to invest a bit more in a long-lasting vacuum. It pays off in the long run, especially since you probably don’t want an appliance to last you a week or two.

Make sure the vacuum of your choice is sturdy and well made. Most are made of plastic for less weight and bulkiness; but still, avoid flimsy, cheap and thin plastic.

Plus, think about how often you’ll use it. Some people clean splattered litter every day, or even a few times during the day. You want a vacuum that’s durable enough to handle such frequent use.


You probably know of at least a few high-end brands that offer impressive vacuum cleaners with different features and specifications. However, do you know which one is the best for picking up cat litter?

It’s unlikely anyone could name a single brand as better than others. This is because they all offer a wide range of products suitable for different cleaning habits, floor surfaces, and type of dirt. However, some of the popular brands that we recommend are BissellShark, Dyson, and Miele.

Still, make sure the brand you opt for is a reliable one that has good customer support. You want it to stand behind its product if anything should go wrong.


The filtration system is crucial regardless of the kind of vacuum you’re looking for. It has to be reliable, efficient, and easy to clean or replace even more so if you’re prone to allergies.

Vacuum cleaners usually have multi-layer filtration systems since those are the most effective ones. These filters are easy to replace while some are even washable depending on the particular vacuum you go for.

If you’re looking to vacuum pet hair as well, the filtration system has to keep all of that within the vacuum. Some even help clean the air which is another plus if you or someone in your family is allergy-prone.

Bag vs. Bagless

The same goes for choosing between bagged and bagless options. They have their own setbacks and benefits which have different importance to most people.

Those with a bag vacuum usually have a larger capacity which is great if you’re cleaning large areas at once. In most cases, they’re also better for allergy-prone people, but this really depends on the type of filter as well.

Bagless vacuums are usually more eco-friendly since you won’t have to keep buying new bags. However, dust bins are often a bit tricky to empty, though it depends on the brand and the bagless vacuum itself.

Different Types of Vacuums for Cat Litter

Robot Vacuums

Robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for busy people who don’t have time to deal with cat litter a few times a day. You simply turn them on, schedule working time and leave them to do their magic.

However, they come with many features, and not all of them will work for litter. Make sure the vacuum is compatible with the floor surface you want it to clean. This is important because most robots get stuck on thick carpets unless you opt for a specified vacuum.

Overall, they clean litter well enough but have a rather small dust bin that’s not enough for a few cleanings in a row.


A cordless vac is a great option if you have to clean the area around the litter box several times a day. It’s especially useful if the box is away from most power sockets.

As we said, these vacuums are quite convenient since there’s no power cord to limit your reach. However, they’re battery-operated, so remember to consider its runtime and time it requires to recharge.

If it takes five hours to recharge from cleaning litter for three minutes, it might not be the best option.


Stick vacuum type is growing in popularity every day thanks to its convenience and ease of use. It is usually lightweight and easy to store away which is what makes it one of the best choices for cat litter.

Still, make sure the stick vacuum is powerful enough to pick up the clay pieces especially when piled together. Consider its dust bin capacity as well since most stick vacuums don’t typically have large bins.

In essence, it’s only suitable for litter if it’s powerful and easy to maneuver with. There are two options: cord and cordless stick vacuums that are available in the market.


Many cat owners would agree that handheld vacuums are the preferred choice since it’s easy to use on such small piles of messes. They’re also suitable for vacuuming pet food, hair, and piles of dirt, sand, and other particles.

Also, don’t forget that these only work as an addition to your full-sized vacuum, though you can also consider buying one that converts into a handheld vacuum.

Can You Actually Vacuum Cat Litter?

It’s not an impossible thing to do, but you should have a specific type of vacuum for this. Your regular vacuum might not be the best for the job especially if there’s a lot of it. You can only do it if the clay is dry as well since most cleaners can’t deal with wet or even damp mess.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is There a Vacuum for Cat Litter that’s on Carpet?

A: As you noticed from our list above, there are a few different vacuums that can pick up litter from carpets. Be careful about this though because many cannot.

The critical feature to look for is suction although too much suction will pull the carpet around. You might want to consider different tools such as a crevice tool if the box is near the wall. However, think about placing the litter box on a bare floor to make things easier. If not, at least put a pad under the box which you can just shake out.


Can I use a sweeper instead?

A: Sweepers aren’t as effective for the job, but there are a few models that stand out. If it’s what you prefer, you should consider the Bissell Sweep-up Sweeper for pet hair and litter.

It’s a convenient tool to clean small messes between cleanings with a full-size vacuum. It requires no power since forward-backward motion is what runs the brush system.

This one is suitable for hardwood, tile and other bare floors. It also works on area rugs and thin carpets.


Cleaning cat litter shouldn’t be that tricky if you get a powerful and convenient vacuum. Not every model will be the best choice for this type of mess, so make sure to double-check if the one you’re interested in can tackle the issue.

Cat litter is something you’ll have to clean once or twice a day depending on how messy your cat is. The last thing you want is to have to pull out a heavy vacuum just to pick up the litter. You might want to sweep the mess first and then vacuum the remaining fine clay dust.

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