Which is The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet?

Are your carpets looking less than great? If that’s the case, you might need a new vacuum.

When it comes to maintenance, cleaning carpets is relatively easy, but only if you have a powerful vacuum.

Still, finding one isn’t always so simple, which is why we researched the market and reviewed the best vacuums for you. In the article below, you’ll find an upright vacuum, a robot vacuum, sticks, and also a detailed buyer’s guide to help you choose.

Product NameFiltrationWeightCord Length/Run Time
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor NV352HEPA & Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology 12.5 lbs25 ft
Eureka PowerSpeed BaglessWashable filter 10 lbs18 ft
Shark Rotator Professional NV501HEPA & Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology 15 lbs25 ft
Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106Foam filter 10.2 lbs17 min
Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1Washable filtration system 4 lbs18 ft
Bissell Cleanview 1831Multi-level filtration 15 lbs25 ft
BISSELL Cleanview Swivel 2252Multi-level washable filtration 17.9 lbs25 ft
Hikeren Stick Vacuum CleanerDouble filtration 5.1 lbs40 min
Bissell 9595A CleanViewWashable foam filter 15 lbs25 ft
MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum XL-618AHigh-density HEPA filter 3.3 lbs20-35 min
Shark APEX Upright VacuumHEPA & Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology 16 lbs30 ft
Bissell Zing Canister, 2156AHEPA filter 7.5 lbs15 ft
Soniclean Soft Carpet Upright Vacuum CleanerHospital-grade HEPA 10.5 lbs35 ft
Miele Electro+ Canister VacuumHEPA AirClean 18.7 lbs20 ft
Hoover Linx Bagless SH20030HQRP foam filters 8 lbs20 ft
iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming RobotHEPA filter8.7 lbs120 min
Neato Botvac D5Unknown8 lbs90 min

Carpet Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

PowerSpeed Bagless vacuum is one of the best upright vacuums for carpet thanks to its many different attachments and settings. It features five height adjustment settings, allowing you to go from high-pile to area carpet and hard floor with ease. It’s suitable for hardwood floors as well.

This upright vacuum cleaner has a dynamic motor and brushroll that picks up even the most stubborn particles and debris. It comes with a 12.6” nozzle and can pick up everything from pet hair to kibble and cereal.

It weighs only 10 pounds, so it’s quite easy to maneuver with, although it appears a bit bulky. It’s because it’s an upright vacuum and has a large dust cup. Keep in mind that it has a capacity of 4.1 liters, so it doesn’t require frequent emptying.

The PowerSpeed upright vacuum cleaner comes with a quick-release handle, a stretch hose, a 7-inch-long crevice nozzle, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush.

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless


  • Cord Length: 18 ft
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Crevice Tool Length: 7 in


  • On-board accessory storage
  • Washable filter
  • For high-pile carpets


  • Short 18-foot cord

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind 2252 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner might appear similar to other Bissell vacs, although it has a few key differences. Bissell CleanView Swivel is a pet vacuum, designed specifically for owners who struggle with pet hair and dander.

Its triple-action brush and scatter-free technology make it easy to pick up everything from kitty litter and food kibble to pet hair, dander, and dirt.

It looks a bit bulky, but it’s easy to maneuver with thanks to swivel steering and edge-to-edge cleaning. It comes with a pet tool, pet hair corner tool, and a 6 ft. hose for easier above-floor cleaning. It’s also suitable for high-pile carpets.

It’s a bagless upright vacuum cleaner with a dust bin capacity of 1 liter. The canister empties at the bottom, so the process is quite quick and clean, which is great if you’re prone to allergies.

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel 2252


  • Dust Cup Capacity: 1 l 
  • Weight: 17.9 lbs
  • Hose Length: 6 ft


  • Triple-action brush for pet hair
  • Edge-to-edge cleaning
  • 27-foot cord


  • No cord rewind

Bissell 9595A CleanView Swivel Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell 9595a upright vacuum is among the best upright vacuums for versatile use. It’s meant for medium-pile and high-pile carpets thanks to its innovative brush design that’s easy to use.

It weighs 15 pounds, which might not be the most lightweight, but it’s pretty average for an upright vacuum cleaner. Plus, it’s a powerful vacuum, featuring Bissell’s OnePass technology, allowing you to clean more on the initial pass.

Its brush goes deep into your high-pile rugs, picking up even the most persistent dirt, pet hair, dust, and different debris. You’ll also receive a TurboBrush meant for stairs, upholstery, and furniture.

Another thing worth noting is the transparent window it has on the dust canister. This allows you to see how full the canister is and also its contents. Its 25 ft. power cord and a 6 ft. hose providing an extended reach and more convenient use.

Bissell 9595A CleanView


  • Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Hose Length: 6 ft


  • Washable pre-motor filter
  • TurboBrush for pet hair
  • Easy-to-empty 2l dust tank


  • Not the best for hard floors

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum XL-618A Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the best cordless vacuum models, providing some 20-35 minutes of runtime and 120-watt powerful suction. It vacuums pet hair, debris, crumbs, dander, kitty litter, and other such messes. Like most cordless vacuums, this one converts into a handheld vacuum and is meant for hard floors and all carpets, including high-pile ones.

The XL-618A cordless stick vacuum features a high-density HEPA, removing up to 99.97% of allergens and microscopic dust. It ensures none of that dust goes back into your breathing space, which is ideal for allergy sufferers.

It has two adjustable modes, making it easier to save battery life by adapting to area rugs, bare floor types, and other surfaces. On top of that, it’s a powerful vacuum that uses high-efficiency cyclones to create high-speed airflow at all times, picking up even the most embedded dirt.

This stick vacuum cleaner weighs only 3.3 pounds, including the detachable battery. Also, it comes with a motorized brush roll, 2-in-1 dusting brush, light aluminum alloy tube, a wall bracket, a mini cleaning brush, and an AC power adapter.

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum XL-618A


  • Run Time: 20-35 min
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Suction: 120 W


  • Ergonomic handle
  • LED lights on the motorized brush
  • Works as a handheld vacuum


  • The battery takes five hours to recharge

Bissell Zing Canister, 2156A

This is one of the most convenient options if you’re looking for the best canister vacuum cleaner. It’s not as large and bulky as canisters usually are, so it’s perfect for small areas and people who struggle with storage space.

Unlike most canister vacuums, Bissell Zing 2156A is a bagless vacuum cleaner. It has a 2-liter dust bin that’s see-through, allowing you to see when it’s time to empty it.

This bagless vacuum cleaner is meant for multiple surfaces, so it’s relatively easy to transition from hard floors to high-pile and low-pile areas and vice versa. It’s not an automatic adjustment, but you’ll only have to flip a single switch to transition.

It comes with dirt cup and post-motor filters, helping to capture microscopic particles and fine dust. All the filters are washable and reusable. Also, it weighs less than eight pounds.

Bissell Zing Canister, 2156A


  • Cord Length: 15 ft
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 2 l


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Powerful suction


  • The cord is only 15 ft. long

Hoover Linx Bagless SH20030

Hoover Linx is a popular bagless vacuum cleaner that’s lightweight and easy to use. It features cyclonic technology, ensuring constant and powerful suction.

This is a stick vacuum, although some people consider it an upright vacuum. It has a recline handle, making it easier to reach under furniture. It’s meant to help with cleaning tight spaces, hard-to-reach places, and other tight nooks and crannies.

It’s meant for low-pile carpet cleaning, hard floors, and area rugs thanks to its multi-floor features. Plus, it has a pretty wide cleaning mouth, allowing you to clean larger areas in less time.

This one is pet-friendly as it comes with edge-cleaning bristles, removing and picking up pet hair, dust, and dirt that’s up against your walls and corners. Another thing worth noting is that this is a corded vacuum, unlike many other sticks. This Hoover features a power cable that’s 20 ft. long.

Hoover Linx Bagless SH20030


  • Cord Length: 20 ft
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 8 x 25 in


  • Low-profile base
  • Washable filter
  • On/Off brush roll


  • Small dust cup capacity

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

Roomba 980 is a popular choice when it comes to robot vacuums. It’s ideal for keeping your floors clean between deep-cleaning sessions.

This bagless vacuum is great for homes with pets as it has Premium 3-stage Cleaning System that picks up all the pet hair, dirt, and allergens. Its Power Lifting Suction delivers improved air power and increased cleaning performance.

The robot vacuum features Wi-Fi connectivity, Patented Dirt Detect Technology, Smart Navigation, and Edge-Sweeping brush. It also comes with Auto-Adjust head, which helps it go from a hard floor to carpet.

It has adjustable and flexible Dual Multi-Surface rubber brushes that go deep into low-pile carpets and area rugs, picking up all pet hair and embedded dirt. Plus, you can connect this robot vacuum to your phone and app so that you can control and schedule it when away from home. It comes with a charging base.


  • Run Time: 120 min
  • Weight: 8.7 lbs
  • Height: 3.6 in


  • Automatic recharging (charging base)
  • 120 minutes of runtime
  • HEPA filtration system


  • It gets stuck in high-pile carpeting, cords, and long curtains

What to Consider When Choosing a Vacuum for Your Carpet?

Choosing the right vacuum to clean your carpet doesn’t have to be as overwhelming. Since there are many different modes, you might want to consider a few critical factors before opting for any in particular.

The following information can help you pick a vacuum for carpet regardless of the type and style.


Suction is a critical factor to pay attention to. Make sure that suction power is adjustable if you have several different floor surfaces. Multiple suction settings make the vacuum easier to use, especially if you have high-pile carpets.

Also, remember that some models are more powerful than others. For example, uprights have more suction than handheld vacuums. Pet owners need more powerful suction, especially in the case of pets that shed.


Best vacuum cleaners come with accessories like a crevice tool and a dusting brush. However, some come with specialized pet tools, car interior kits, and extension tube/hose, depending on the vacuum you opt for.

For carpets, might want to look for the one that has a motorized brush. But, be careful with it and make sure you can shut it off as well if you have hard floors.


You should first think about what you consider a convenient vacuum. Some people enjoy having unlimited runtime with a corded vac, while others find them inconvenient and prefer having the best cordless vacuum.

Regardless of whether you go for the best cordless  vacuums or a corded vacuum, you should make sure that it’s a convenient one. It should be easy to use and store away. Make sure that it’s lightweight, has all the controls within hands reach, and is ergonomically designed.

Types of Carpets & Maintenance

How many kinds of carpets do you know? Not all are maintained the same, which is why you should know your type and materials.

Cleaning soft carpets is relatively simple as long as you have the right vacuum. You’ll want to look for an upright vacuum cleaner with adjustable height settings and powerful suction.

Wool carpets are popular due to their softness and resistance to stains. However, vacuuming wool carpets is essential because these tend to absorb lots of dust.

Berber carpets are made of wool or camel hair. Go for a specialized vacuum for Berber carpets that doesn’t have a beater bar or other motorized tools.

A vacuum for frieze carpet is usually an upright without motorized tools. Make sure you can switch its brush roll off if it has one.


As you can see, finding the right vacuum to clean your carpeting doesn’t have to be as tricky. People are often overwhelmed because there are many best vacuums on the market. But, knowing how to choose one makes it easier and quicker to get the job done, even if your carpets are hard to clean.

At this point, we hope you found the right vacuum and accessories for the floor types you have. If not, make sure to consider the critical factors we discussed, as well as the type of carpets and messes you’re working with.

Think about what you need in terms of features like height adjustment and power settings. Consider the overall convenience, versatility, and ease of use, so that you can opt for the right vacuum for your carpet. Each of the best vacuums we reviewed is efficient on carpeting, while some can clean bare floors as well.

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