The 6 Best Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Are you looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner? If so, you might want to consider Dirt Devil as one of the most reliable, powerful, and convenient options regardless of the type of floors you have in your home.

Dirt Devil has been around for ages, and today, it offers plenty of different vacuums suitable for all kinds of floors. At this point, you can find uprights and handhelds that are both corded and cordless. Thanks to such versatility, the brand is among the most popular ones in the industry.

Still, having as many models to choose from tends to be a bit confusing. For this reason, we reviewed some of the most popular Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners as well as their pros and cons. Below, you’ll also find a little buyer’s guide to help you figure out which of these vacuums is the best one for you.

Vacuums by Dirt Devil Reviews

Dirt Devil Endura Reach UD20124

The Endura Reach UD20124 is one of the most popular Dirt Devil upright vacuums. It’s a bagless upright vacuum that’s equipped with an easy-to-empty cup that doesn’t require frequent emptying.

This upright vacuum cleaner features the Endura filter that’s among the best choices if you’re looking for low-maintenance. It doesn’t require replacement, but just an occasional rinse now and then.

It’s important to note that this bagless upright is rather lightweight, although it looks somewhat bulky. It looks big and heavy because it’s upright vacuum, but it weighs only 9 pounds.

This bagless upright comes with an extension wand, providing another 10′ of extra reach. You also get accessories, such as the 2-in-1 dusting brush for above-floor surfaces. The turbo tool makes it easy to pick up pet hairs and other embedded dirt as well.

Dirt Devil Endura Reach UD20124


  • Reach: 10 ft
  • Cleaning Path: 11 in
  • Weight: 9 lbs


  • Swivel steering
  • Quick-release handle
  • Washable filter


  • Not enough reach for a large home

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip handheld vacuum

We think this is the best handheld vacuum from Dirt Devil. It’s a small and compact vacuum for spot-cleaning and car interiors. You can also use it to clean your stairs, which is something full-size vacuums often struggle with.

Because it’s so small, this one is lightweight and easy to use. It’s compact enough for you to store it pretty much anywhere in your home, even if you usually struggle with storage space.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that this model is corded. Although cordless handhelds are more popular, you should give this one a chance. It offers unlimited run time and comes with a power cord that measures 16 ft.

On top of that, the Scorpion comes with an integrated Quick-Flip crevice tool. It’s always at hand, and there’s no way you can lose it like other similarly small tools.

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip handheld vacuum


  • Hose Length: 2.5 ft
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Cord Length: 16 ft


  • Lightweight
  • Integrated crevice accessory
  • Powerful suction


  • Corded

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik SD20000RED

The Simpli-Stick is probably among the most popular sticks on the market. It’s an easy-to-use stick vacuum that transforms into a handheld and extended vacuum for when you need some extra reach. It comes with a 0.35 liters dust capacity as well.

One of the best things about this model is that it comes ready to use. It doesn’t require any assembly so that you can use it the minute it arrives at your doorstep.

The vacuum is suitable for both bare floors and carpets. Plus, the on-board crevice accessory makes it easy to reach different hard-to-reach areas.

Because it’s as slim and convenient, it’s often recommended for small apartments, dorms, and other small spaces. It comes with a 16′ power cord that might not be enough for larger areas.

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik SD20000RED


  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.35 l
  • Weight: 3.74 lbs
  • Cord Length: 16 ft


  • Washable filter
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • 3-in-1 vacuum


  • Short power cable

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Breeze UD70105

Breeze might look similar to the Dirt Devil Reach bagless upright vacuum. However, there’s a clear difference between the two, especially since this vacuum is more suitable for large homes.

The 10Amp motor of this bagless upright vacuum is quite powerful, providing enough power to pick up even the most embedded dirt from your carpets and hard floors. Its cleaning path measures 13” and it helps to clean more on an initial pass. This makes it easier to cover larger areas.

Another thing worth noting is the automatic height adjustment. This adds to its overall convenience and versatility, making it easy to go from one type of floor to another.

It’s a corded vacuum, featuring a 25′ power cord and several on-board tools. It comes with a dust brush, crevice accessory, and an extension wand to help you clean hard-to-reach areas.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Breeze UD70105


  • Cleaning Path: 13 in
  • Weight: 10.4 lbs
  • Cord Length: 25 ft


  • Bottom-empty dirt cup
  • Cyclonic technology
  • Automatic height adjustment


  • Cannot stand upright on its own

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum M08230RED

If you need a handheld with more power, you should consider this vacuum from Dirt Devil. It’s among the smallest handhelds, but it’s quite powerful.

This one comes with a motorized brush that’s ideal for embedded dirt, pet hair, and other similar debris. It lifts the hairs and dirt from your car interior, stairs, upholstery, and pretty much any other surface.

Keep in mind that this model is meant for spot-cleaning, so you shouldn’t use it as a replacement for a full-size vac. It features a 4Amp motor that provides sufficient power to tackle most vacuuming tasks.

Another important thing to mention is that it comes with a crevice attachment and a 2′ stretch hose. Its cleaning path measures some 6 inches, and it comes with a 16′ power cable.

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum M08230RED


  • Cleaning Path: 6 in
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Cord Length: 16 ft


  • MicroFresh Bagged filter
  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Ideal for pet hair


  • It tends to overheat

Dirt Devil Power Swerve BD22052

This Dirt Devil cordless vacuum is meant for different surfaces. It’s a bagless stick that has a .7 liters dust cup that’s easy to empty.

It’s lightweight and slim, which makes it easy for cleaning on different surfaces. It’s also simple to maneuver with around furniture and other similar obstacles, which is especially important in small areas.

It comes with a premium Spin4Pro brush roll that’s designed to tackle dirt on bare floors as well as carpets. The 16V lithium-ion battery makes this that much easier, providing enough power and run time. Plus, the battery doesn’t take much to charge, either.

Its XL dirt cup is see-through, which allows you to see when it’s time to empty it. However, you won’t have to do this very often because it’s as large. It also features a washable filter.

Dirt Devil Power Swerve BD22052


  • Power Source: 16 V lithium-ion battery
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Dust Cup: .7 l


  • Large dust cup
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Motorized brush


  • Tends to clog with long hairs

Buying Considerations

As you noticed, Dirt Devil cleaners are quite versatile and different from one another. While you might like having as many vacuum cleaners to choose from, it can also become a little overwhelming.

For this reason, you might want to consider the following buying factors, especially if you’re buying your first Dirt Devil.


All of the brand’s vacuums are ergonomically designed and made to be as simple as possible. This makes the design work in your favor, allowing you to reach distant and tricky areas of your home.

The design also helps with maneuverability when it comes to cleaning the stairs and tight spaces of your home. It can also help with storing.

Suction & Power

Although Dirt Devil vacs don’t usually have variable power, they’re quite powerful as it is. Most of the vacuums can pick up everything from cereal and rice to fine hairs and dust particles.

Do keep in mind that some might sport suction that’s too powerful, making the vacuum challenging to use on plush carpets.

Cord / Cordless

Nearly every DD stick vacuum is cordless, although corded models are also available. Handheld vacs are usually corded, which is a bit unusual since this type of vacuum tends to be better off without a power cable.

This is something you should choose based on your needs, preferences, as well as the size of your home. Some people like corded over cordless while others prefer it the other way around.


Dirt Devil tends to give great warranty deals with its vacuum cleaners. In most cases, it depends on the particular vacuum.

For this reason, you’ll notice that some of them come with a year-long deal while others have a longer-lasting warranty.


These vacuums typically come with accessories such as dusting brushes. Some feature an extension hose, motorized tools, or another specialized attachment depending on the particular model.

Certain models might also include an extra filter, as well as additional dust bags if it’s a canister vacuum.


Dirt Devil is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and convenient vacuum cleaner to use multiple times a week. Most of the vacuums are suitable for quick cleanups and spot-cleaning across different areas and surfaces.

The company stands behind its products, so every vacuum comes with a warranty that covers faulty materials and manufacturing.

To pick the best Dirt Devil model, you should first consider your needs and preferences and then carefully read each of the Dirt Devil vacuum reviews we provided above. Keep in mind that what might be the best for someone else isn’t always necessarily best for you, so make sure to think about the surfaces you want to clean.

It’s highly unlikely that you could go wrong with Dirt Devil, so give it a chance if you’re in the market for a new vacuum.

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