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Who is Clean That Floor?

Since 2018, Clean That Floor has been dedicated to helping homeowners find the cleaning products and equipment they need without the stress of tirelessly combing through reviews online. With our unique 8-Step Process, we are able to assist people in comparing today’s top products and finding the best solution before they spend a dime.


Whether you’re looking for a dependable vacuum cleaner or a new trending product to try, you can trust Clean That Floor to help you shop with confidence.

Our Mission

At Clean That Floor, our mission is to provide detailed product reviews for homeowners who are tired of wasting time and money searching for the best cleaning products online. We specialize in reviewing floor cleaning products from the trustworthy brands customers love.

We Review Today’s Best Cleaning Products

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Our Story

Everyone knows the frustration of buying a cleaning product, just to have it come up short when you finally get it home. Then you’re out a bunch of money and are faced with the decision to either ask for a refund or cut your losses.

At Clean That Floor, we know this struggle all too well. That’s why we decided to launch a better, more time-saving solution that makes it easier for you to find the products you’re looking for before you buy.

We started CleanThatFloor.com to educate people on the best cleaning methods and products, without having to hop from website to website. We consolidate this information – product features, customer testimonials, and more – so you can compare multiple options all in one place.

Our Process

At Clean That Floor, we educate people on how to clean their homes efficiently and buy the right cleaning products for their needs – whether it’s a vacuum, mop, cleaning spray, or beyond. 


We’re able to provide detailed buyers’ guide through our in-depth research process, which ensures accuracy and includes reliable information from real customer testimonials.

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Meet the Team

The Clean That Floor team is here to help you find the cleaning products you need without the hassle. We work together to research top-rated products, write reviews, and provide helpful buyers’ guides to make cleaning your home a breeze.

Olivera Jancikin

I have been into creative writing since I was a teenager. I studied Fashion Design and Clothing Technology.


I’ve been a dedicated writer for Clean That Floor for approximately 3 years.


I’ve written about various topics, mostly focusing on cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, mops, and simple cleaning solutions for homeowners. I enjoy testing tips and tricks on house maintenance, reviewing both the process and results.

Angela Rupic

I’ve been with Clean That Floor for over a year.

I enjoy interior design, home renovation, and DIY home projects.


My hobbies include cooking, reading, and fitness. I love animals and live with a cat, so I’m very much familiar with daily cleaning, as well as hacks & tricks for a clean home even with a messy, hyperactive pet.


I plan on getting a masters degree in the near future, as well.


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